a new ergo baby carrier


i will have to admit, although i love the idea of baby wearing and did it quite a bit when bastian was smaller, i haven’t been wearing him lately. i will give myself the excuse of winter…it’s too cold to get him out of his carseat when we are out of the house. well anyways, the other day at baby and me one of the moms told us that ergo was coming out with a new forward facing carrier. now there is all sorts of talk out there that forward facing carriers are bad…so for those of you that don’t like the baby bjorn because of the “crotch dangling” this is your product. it is supposed to be a very supported forward hold! i have a baby bjorn and like it – mainly because bastian likes to face out. i have worn him while doing yard work and he will just hang out in there without a peep. two things that i don’t like about the baby bjorn are 1. there isn’t enough support for the wearer – even when carrying shrimpy bastian my back starts to hurt after awhile and 2. you can’t wear them on your hip or back. i also have this ring sling and i love it too! but having all his weight on one shoulder does start to hurt after awhile. recently i have been thinking for about getting an ergo carrier, but wanted to wait until baby #2 (which is not in the works right now fyi :)).  i hear rave reviews from friends, and now with the new version coming out that combines everything i love about the bjorn with the comfort and support of the ergo, i am definitely getting one! why not get one now and be able to enjoy it with all my kids, rather than wait for the next one. i have heard through the grapevine that toddlers are really good candidates for baby wearing. with them learning to walk and constantly wanting down, it could be more hectic going places and sitting in shopping carts. kids always seem more calm and entertained when they are being worn. they also get to see all the things you are doing at your level and is a good way for them to learn. here is the demo video of the new ergo:

ergo says their new carrier comes out spring 2014…so i will just wait patiently…until then i need to get some use out of my other carriers!


One thought on “a new ergo baby carrier

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