style: spring outfits for baby


baby tee | drool scarf | baby leggings | sneakers

i am really in love with everything about this little baby boy outfit. i actually bought these leggings for bastian…can’t wait to get them in the mail! i think we are all ready to trade in our winter duds for some new spring fashion. the biggest thing for me is to not break the bank when it comes to baby clothes. there is some adorable pricey stuff out there…but i just don’t have the stomach to spend that much on clothes for a person who still poops their pants. i have to say, boys clothes have come a long way…so long light-up-shoes with spider man emblems all over! i can hear 100 moms saying “just you wait!”…yes i know, so i will have my fun now.


baby top | headband | baby leggings | sneakers

this little lady’s outfit is just simply perfect in my mind. girly, but not cheesy with a pinch of sporty i’m-the-cool-girl-on-the-block. someday when i have a girl (yes, i hear you can plan these things right?…) i will be tempted to flood her in pink and bows, but i do love the sporty girl look too. how awesome are those sneakers? i want them in my size!


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