powder room makeover


i recently did a mini makeover to our downstairs powder room. before, it was drab and kind of boring. the color wasn’t bad, but our whole house is painting that neutral tan (it was that way when we moved in) and i was in need for a change. i have this problem (maybe it’s a good thing?) with wanting to have some kind of project to work on. whether it be design work, crafts, or house mini-reno’s. so i end up moving from room to room finding different things i want to change. this time it was the powder room.powder-room-1powder-room-2

i was inspired by this room i saw in the land of nod catalog. first i painted the room benjamin moore’s royal breeze. then i spray painted the mirror, waste basket, vanity door knobs, toilet paper holder and hand towel ring bright gold. i also added a gold stripe detail on the soap dispenser. i bought gold contact paper from here – i need more and am hesitant to buy from this place again because i think it’s over priced with shipping and some other stupid fee the company tacks on…so i am waiting to find it somewhere else. i then measured and cut out 40 circles that around 8 inches in diameter. i didn’t get a circle cutter but i am sure it would have saved me time. i then pealed off the back of the contact paper and began randomly sticking them on the wall. i made sure some of the dots wrapped inside the corners of the wall then cut some circles in half and had them butt-up to the ceiling and door frame. i am really in love with the final product. it’s fun and quirky – perfect for a small space like a powder room. if you are wanting to try something a little wild with your house, test it out on smaller spaces because then it won’t be as hard to change it if you end up hating it in a year.


2 thoughts on “powder room makeover

  1. Loveit! So clever and sophisticated.

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