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i was at barnes and noble yesterday and came across the most adorable books ever. i mean i couldn’t contain myself, i kept trying to show brian how unbelievably awesome these books were. babylit has a series of children’s books that are based on literary classics. they range from learning colors and numbers, to weather and opposites. alison oliver does all the illustrations and i am in love with her work. the detail, colors and characters are right up my alley. to me, the illustrations are what makes a children’s book – when i was a kid, that’s what i loved most about books (and who would’a thunk i would grow up to be a designer and illustrator!). i knew i had to get bastian one, but i was fumbling around trying to figure out which one i should get, i wanted them all! literally brian was dragging me out of there while i was picking up books and flipping through the pages saying “oh cute, gosh how cute! look at this!!” all i know is my collection will grow and i really hope bastian loves them as much as i do. what an adorable shower gift would this be! check out all of the books here and allison oliver’s work here


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