month by month: 12 months!


well, we made it a year! my sweet baby is now a toddler…he definitely feels like a baby to me though 🙂 we have lots of celebrating to do and lots of sweets to eat. here are some of the amazing things he is doing:

  • he is walking a lot, he is not “walking” but he walks…make sense? basically he will walk out of the blue and i think, this is it! but then he continues to crawl.
  • he loves to “talk” on the phone. he holds it up to his ear, but it’s more on the back of his head and he says “ah ah”
  • he knows how to “use” the phone too. he moves his finger around the touch screen.
  • he sleeps through the night! hallelujah!
  • his big words are mama, dada, ahga (grandmas swear this is grandma:)) screams, and shshshsh. so you can see he is very advanced 🙂
  • he waves bye bye and it’s the cutest. it’s not always quick, and usually the person goes to leave and then he will do it.
  • he goes under water in swim lessons and is slowly starting to like it.
  • he loves to go to the park and play outside in the yard. he is also getting better about eating sand, dirt, leaves and sticks…well kind of.
  • we are no longer giving him pureed food. he eats what we eat for the most part. his favorites are pancakes, mac n’cheese, hummus, blueberries, strawberries, grilled cheese, and toast and jelly.
  • he loves to play chase, he just laughs and laughs.
  • he makes a goofy clicking noise with his tongue.

bastian is one special little person. he fills our heart with more joy than we could have ever imagined. a year ago today, he laid on my chest for the very first time and i gave him his very first kiss. we were instantly connected for life. he is my everything. i remember that first night in the hospital. i was awake the entire night. i had no clue what i was doing. i remember staring up at the clock with my sweet bundle in my arms wondering, wait, do i sleep now? i didn’t want to put him down. so i held him tight the whole night. there were many many more nights like that. together, sharing moments in the wee hours of the morning. this past year has been filled with ups and downs. every time you hit a low point you feel like you will never get out. it’s hard being a parent. i remember saying, if only we could be done with this phase, when we were going through something tough. now, i know those phases are over in a flash, and they ultimately made me the mom i am today, and brian the father he is today. there are moments too, where i think to myself, this is the best – he is so much fun, this is my favorite stage! but the moments keep getting more and more enjoyable and the phases keep getting easier to handle. enjoy (well, embrace may be a better word) all of the moments as a parent in that first year, it goes fast. although it is sad to see his babyhood gone, i am truly excited to see him grow and explore the world around him. happy birthday my booboo, you are so special!


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