best buds


this is bastian’s cousin wesley. let me tell you, these two are best buds. brian’s family was in town over mother’s day weekend, which was a big treat for all of us. bastian has met his cousins before, but this time, now that he is a big boy, they got to have a little more fun together. it was so cute and endearing seeing these two play together. basitan is just in love with his cousins. the older kids would be playing ball or catch outside and bastian wanted to play with them so badly. he would walk with his hands in the air making loud noises trying to get their attention. sometimes he would show off by doing something and then bonk his head. he would watch them in amazement. he knew these were kids – his kin. wesley was such a good big cousin to bastian all weekend. showing him things and talking to him. it melted my heart.

i love seeing bastian turn into a little boy. every time i look at him, i am surprised by how old he is looking. i am so impressed with his comprehension of the world around him. sometimes i think he is a 15 year old trapped in a small little package.


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