cabin life


last weekend brian and i took a couples trip with a bunch of our friends to a cabin on lake panorama. the cabin was awesome! we were surrounded by nature and right on the water. there was a fire-pit and lots of stairs to get down to the water.


the weather couldn’t have been more perfect while we were there. we played bags (corn-hole or baggo…whatever people call it) listened to music, talked on our private beach. none of us wanted to get in the water by our cabin though because we kept seeing a little water snake swimming by. i assured everyone that the snake would be afraid of us…but no one wanted to take their changes haha.


we rented a pontoon boat a couple of the days and just cruised around the lake all day. the boat was rather testy though, and we had to cross our fingers that it would start. one night we stopped at the marina and had dinner. we got to sit outside and the weather was beautiful. the boat ride home was high anxiety for me because it was so dark and hard to see…luckily we made it home safe to our trusty boat driver 🙂


the trip was so much fun and we decided as friends, to try to do a couples trip every year. i loved this trip especially because it was low key and we didn’t even have to get on a plane! you really can’t go wrong when you put friends, water, bbq’s and booze together. thanks friends for taking time away from your family’s to come spend the weekend with us!


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