photo dump

i hope everyone had a great father’s day weekend! we sure kept busy. bastian is such a busy body lately and doesn’t stop moving every second he is awake. i am worn out by the end of the day. of course i didn’t snap any photos of brian and bastian together on father’s day…because that would be too obvious…but here are some fun photos from over the past weeks.


bastian tends to be either naked, shirtless or pant-less these days…my neighbors probably think we are hillbillies. he gets everything dirty and he prefers to be naked, so it’s a win-win.


bastian has entered the climbing phase…yikes! he climbed up this little stool we have in our kitchen and was pretty proud of himself. you can’t tell by these photos because his face says ‘no big deal’. he isn’t quite tall enough to climb up on the couch or out of his crib, thank god.


we went to a restaurant in our neighborhood for lunch and sat in their new beer garden. the weather was great and bastian enjoyed running around ‘smelling’ the flowers and trying to play in the community dog dish.


again, he is naked most of the time…but i really don’t like him to be diaper-less inside the house because of the obvious, but he has been slipping away from me in the middle of diaper changes. i thought this phase would have ended by now…nope.

20140617-111039-40239539.jpg grandma picked up a baby pool for our house and bastian really likes it, especially when he gets to go in naked. with all the activities we are doing this summer, he gets so worn out and sleeps like a log. no one can complain about that.


on father’s day we went and swam with brian’s dad and step-mom. bastian got to swim in his own floaty which he thought was pretty special. he slept pretty hard on the way home. we had a good day.

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