down on their level


brian took these pictures last night when i was reading to bastian. although i try to read to him every night, it’s getting harder and harder for him to pay attention. but last night he was laying on the ground (who knows why?) so i quickly laid next to him and started reading him a book. the book has pictures of the different animals you would find at the zoo. he points to all the different pictures and says “dat!?” and i say the name of the animal. this goes on and on until he decides throwing a toy is more fun. i figured the older he got, the more he would be interested in books, but it seems to be the opposite. i think he likes books, he just has 1 million things he would rather get into. i usually end up reading the book to myself laying on his floor haha. his favorites as of now are this zoo book, snuggle puppy and pat the bunny.

i really can’t get enough of this guy as of lately. i mean sure, he has his moments, but he is getting more and more independent and developing a personality. we have fun together. i have a feeling that he is going to be an independent child and not be attached to my hip. he has really taken most of life’s transitions in stride. bottles gone, no problem! no day time nursing, yup totally ok! sleeping through the night, all on his own. he has kind of initiated these transitions himself too. his molars are coming in and i can see one of them, but you wouldn’t know it…because he’s such a good sport (i will knock on wood).

sometimes i miss that sweet sleepy baby phase, but this little person hanging around and causing a ruckus in our house is pretty fun. i look at him and feel pretty lucky to be his mom. i have no doubt that he will grow up to be way cooler than me haha. being a proud parent feels pretty good. because my little guy can point and say “dat!” to about everything he sees…and that’s impressive. this toddler of ours is keeping us busy and oh are we having fun!



2 thoughts on “down on their level

  1. Taura Horn says:

    I miss him already! He really is so much fun:)

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