fourth of july


hope everyone had a great fourth of july. we sure did! bastian was too young still to stay up for the night time fireworks (i really can’t wait for him to see those ;)) but he did get to see some fireworks. we spent the day at my girlfriend’s parent’s pool. they have a party every fourth, and although we aren’t as rambunctious as we used to be, we still manage to have a blast. the food, drinks and company were all wonderful; they even have a designated margarita maker who makes sure your cup never goes empty…can’t beat that! bastian had a lot of fun in the sun and then took near a 3 hour nap…3 hours…so needless to say i got to soak up some sun and lounge without worry about my kid falling in the pool.



after the pool we headed to a friends house to watch kids light fireworks and have some food. bastian was enthralled with the older boys lighting off fireworks. he is interested in watching older kids and thinking he close behind. sorry buddy…you got a little growing to do before you can play with them 🙂 once our kids starting to have meltdowns we knew it was time to put them to bed. we stayed at my girlfriends house, watched the fireworks on her back porch with all of our baby monitors on the table. fourth of july has always been one of my favorite holidays ever since i was little. put me by water, good food, drinks and friends and i am a happy camper. although our fourth has become less of a “party” we still manage to have a blast. hopefully bastian will love it as much as we do…and maybe next year he can hold a sparkler and watch some big night-time fireworks.


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