mn trip part 1

MN-part1-1 MN-part1-2 MN-part1-3 MN-part1-4 MN-part1-5 MN-part1-6

last weekend we took a trip to minnesota to visit brian’s sister and family. we took this trip last year when bastian was only 3 months old. this year we got to do a lot more fun things including driving up north to their cabin on bay lake. the drive to minnesota took about 6.5 hours and bastian did pretty good. i packed a bag of stupid dollar bin knick-knacks for him to play with. sesame street ‘singing with the stars’ was a life saver though. if you don’t have this, get it. brian and i have found ourselves singing old destiny’s child songs around the house. ll cool j even makes an appearance…i mean you just have to get this. we stopped twice and although it was a struggle to get bastian back in the car seat we managed to make it to minnesota.

bastian was so excited to see his cousins and his aunt and uncle. the first night there we went to a wedding shower for an old friend of the family. there were lots of kids and bastian had a blast. there was a sweet college girl who was the babysitter for all the kids, so brian and i could watch from afar while we enjoyed a cocktail and some adult talk.

the next day we headed to bay lake, which was under a 2 hour drive. bastian was not happy. it was like the ride from hell. i am not sure if his teeth hurt, his tummy hurt, or he was just plain old pissed he was in the car again, but there were lots of tears. once we got to the cabin we were all ready to get the heck out of the car.

their cabin was so nice and the scenery so beautiful. we unpacked our stuff and headed for the lake. we took a boat ride – again…bastian was not very happy. i think he was over-tired and after some crying, he finally fell asleep in my arms on the boat, which i didn’t mind :). i was definitely ready for him to go to bed at the end of the day…mean mom. that night we grilled steaks and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery and played a little dice.

i have so many fun photos that i split this post into two parts. to be continued…


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