mn trip part 2

MN-part2-1 MN-part2-2 MN-part2-3 MN-part2-4 MN-part2-5


our minnesota trip continued…the second day at the lake was much much better, meaning bastian was a happy boy! brian’s sister, bastian and i took a walk around the lake and got back just in time for someone to take his morning nap. then when he woke up we took brian and bastian tubing and it was so cute. he was not very excited about it right at first, but after a minute he relaxed and enjoyed the ride. it was so adorable to see him in his little life jacket just chillin’ on the tube. we made sure we went real slow too 🙂 the weather was perfect and everyone was just enjoying themselves. we got to see the older kids ski, only on one ski fyi…it’s ‘dorky’ to do two skis…i have so much to learn about lake life. the next day we took the boat to the marina where they had a sand beach. bastian played in the water and had fun throwing rocks. we said farewell to the lake and headed back to town. that night bastian got to pretend to ride some sweet motor toys like a atv and a dirt bike. he thought he was something else. we ended our trip sitting outside enjoying a drink and talking. we left the next morning, and although bastian wasn’t excited about being in the car, he took a long morning nap and then i tried to entertain him in the back seat the rest of the time. we were glad to be done with driving when we got home…we did shave off 30 minutes from our drive though!

minnesota is so beautiful and we want to make this trip an annual thing. every year bastian will begin to love it more and more. we can’t thank our family enough for being such great hosts and showing us a wonderful time.


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