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last week bastian insisted on pushing his trike on our after dinner walk. he thought he was a pretty cool guy, showing off to all the neighbor kids. he managed to fall and give his chin a little scratch…and then allowed mom to hold his hand the rest of the way home. bastian has become quite the cool guy lately. cool guy hat, check! big boy shoes, check! no longer wanting to be strolled, check! everyday he manages to amaze me with his growth and development. he loves the idea of being independent and playing on his own. he no longer needs me to help him play or show him how to play with certain toys. he understands everything we say now and i love to see his wheels turning inside that little head.

brian and i watched some videos from around bastian’s first birthday, which was only 3 months ago, and we couldn’t believe how much he has changed! it’s hard to believe that in 3 short months a little person can learn and grow that much. he mimics things we do around the house and even does little chores for us like throwing away his own dirty diapers 🙂 although there are moments where he is very attached to brian or me, he has become more social and interested in others around him.

bastian has a few words that he says…or so mom and dad think he is saying. “da” is dog (and cat…and sometimes anything that walks by our house) “hah” is hot. he will walk by the grill and put his hand out and shake it back and forth and say “hah, hah” with a concerned look on his face. lots of food and drink are “hah” too. “tizzy” is kitty and maybe also tilly my parents dog. “ba” is ball. “burburzz” is blueberry. he blows kisses, gives open mouth kisses and likes to wave and say “hi”. he loves to run and is now climbing, yikes! when he is outside there is stick in hand at all times. 

i love this age, and although those molars are starting to cause a bit more whining, he is still so much fun. i know in another 3 months i will be amazed at his changes. oh they grow so fast…but it truly doesn’t make me sad…because this is what having a kid is all about right?!!

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