chicago: part 1

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this past weekend we flew to chicago for brian’s beautiful cousin katie and her now husband will’s wedding. it was a short weekend filled with fun and beautiful weather. bastian did great on his first plane ride. we were really lucky to have brian’s mom and step-father driving to chicago so they took all of our luggage, stroller and car seat, which left us with only carrying a diaper bag. i wore bastian in the ergo through the security check line, and boarding the plane. while we were waiting for our plane to arrive, he had a blast running around the airport and looking at the planes and “trains” (the luggage cars). he would squeal with excitement and even got a few waves from the plane crew.

once we got to chicago we decided to take the L into the city. we played around with a bunch of different options – checking our car seat and getting a taxi, seeing if uber rents out car seats, taking a cab with no car seat (i just didn’t feel comfortable for a longer ride though). taking the L ended up being so easy and cheap. it took us within a 10 minute walk to the apartment we rented. side note: i will never travel any other way with family than renting apartments. it’s so nice with kids, and you have the amenities of home. we rented through vrbo. anyways, the L was great, bastian took a nap and the ride went quick.

that night we went to the rehearsal dinner which was so beautiful! bastian wore the cutest outfit and just looked like a little stud. he loved looking out the windows at the downtown traffic. he was such  trooper after a day of traveling too. being able to have all of our family together is something that doesn’t happen too often, so when it does we sure have fun. last time brian and i were in chicago, i was 11 weeks pregnant with bastian.

the next morning we took a long walk to get breakfast at ann sathers (amazing food btw). we walked along the lake front while everyone was running or biking around us. they got a little miffed at our slow stroller pace…hehe. we then went to montrose beach which was amazing! bastian was in heaven. he literally could have spent the whole day there. we ended up just taking his clothes off and let him go to town in the sand and water. he would bear crawl, pushing his hands under the sand and then lay on his tummy, loving feeling of getting dirty. i made little sand balls for him to throw, along with rocks and wet sand. he probably has baby dreams about going back there.

i now know that our next family vacation will have to involve a beach. he just felt free there. i am sure he would have preferred to be completely naked haha but i didn’t want too much sand getting in that cute little bum of his.

part two coming soon.


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