chicago trip: part 2

photo (28)2345


so our chicago trip continues. part one is here. after we got back from the beach, bastian took a nap and we all got ready for the main event. the bride looked gorgeous as always! i loved her dress, so classic and elegant. everything about the entire wedding was beautiful! the reception was at a small country club in the middle of the city. you would never know it was there! they had yard games set up during the cocktail hour and of course bastian had a blast. he really loved croquet…and he looked pretty cute playing with the mallets. i also had the honor of helping the bride and groom with their print pieces for the wedding. i will share those soon too.brian’s mom and step-father were nice enough to take bastian home to bed after dessert, which allowed brian and i to dance the night away. the wedding’s decorations, food, band and atmosphere were all exceptional.

the next morning bastian was so tired on the plane that he fell asleep in brian’s arms. he was pretty happy about it too 🙂 i sure miss those days of having your baby sleep in your arms. we now know that a plane ride is doable and our little guy can be a good little traveler.


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