three years down

310979_10150297640393511_1412450342_n 15b
photos by dana damewood

happy anniversary to my husband brian.

brian, i wanted to thank you for being my biggest supporter, for being the best dad and role model to our son, and for always loving me even when i can be a pain in your ass 🙂

although it has only been three years, it feels like i have known you a lifetime. you are my best friend. we have had a lot of fun times together and now with bastian in our lives, we have grown and matured into parents. we are no longer just husband and wife, we are mom and dad – a title you 100% live up to.

the day we read our vows to each other, my heart was bursting with love – i didn’t think it could get any fuller. i knew it was right. there was no question, doubt or worry in my heart or head that you were that right guy. that feeling hasn’t gone away.

thank you for being such a good guy, someone that everyone enjoys and loves being around. being married to you is more than just a ring on my finger and legal document. it means forever. it means no matter how mad or frustrated we can get, we never give up. i look forward to more children in our future and many more years of feeling blessed to have you in my life. love you bri!


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