diy updated hutch




well it’s been a while since i have blogged… i think life got in the way. i have been doing lots of projects around the house and this happens to be one of them. this hutch has been in the family (brian’s side) for a long time and was passed down to brian and me. i have always loved it but wanted to update it without losing it’s rustic charm.

i decided to pain the interior of the cabinets and clean all the fixtures. cleaning all the fixtures was a bit of a process, and a lot of the metal lost its patina over the years, but with a little bar keeper’s friend and some elbow grease, they cleaned up nicely. i decided to paint the inside of the hutch white because it will go with anything. i was debating stenciling a pattern over top, but figured i would stick to the simple white for a while until i get a wild hair and need a project to do.

i am really really bad at staging… as you can see. i just kind of grabbed random crap that i had in the hutch before or laying around the house. the cupboards are a little dark and they almost need under-lighting, but that will be another day. overall i am really happy with it and think it gave this little hutch a nice modern makeover.

ps. i have done a little bathroom update that literally has taken forever… and it’s almost done and ready to share!


2 thoughts on “diy updated hutch

  1. bowsandblush says:

    wow, it makes such a difference! great post! xx

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