life lately

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  1. bastian, bastian and more bastian
  2. bastian’s first trip to red mango. he loved it of course 🙂
  3. this little guy loves to collect things. acorns are plentiful at the park and he loves to hoard them.
  4. popsicles are his new obsession. he calls them “pie” and they consist of water and a dash of apple juice. they are helping with his canine teeth. bastian also loves to put on shoes, it doesn’t matter if they are 10 sizes too big either.
  5. bastian’s first hockey game. he loved it! he got to hang out with his aunt tasha which he always loves too.
  6. i recently celebrated my 30th. brian threw me a fun surprise party with all my friends and family. he is really good at surprises – he sure must love me lots.

life has been good to me this fall. being 30 sure doesn’t feel much different either. i recently bleached my hair white blonde which has taken some getting used to but i am pretty excited about it. i have been working on bastian’s halloween costume… it’s the cutest thing ever. we are going to go as these two. i can’t wait to share! what is everyone being for halloween? because i know everyone loves this holiday as much as me right?


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