month by month: 18 months



bastian is 1.5 years old today. it’s really bitter-sweet because although i love to see him grow and learn, i do miss that sweet little baby that would sleep in my arms. he has changed so much in the past 6 months, it’s unreal. here are some of the awesome and not so awesome things he is doing these days:

  • he is talking quite a bit more, not all words are recognizable but he sure knows what they mean.
  • he loves to help with chores and tasks throughout the day. throwing things away, wiping up messes, putting toys away and cooking.
  • he climbs everything, so nothing is off limits anymore. nothing.
  • he throws tantrums sometimes… it’s hard not to laugh sometimes… poor guy, life is tough.
  • he loves hockey. he has been to one hockey game but any time it comes on tv he goes and gets his shovel (hockey stick) and says “ha-e, ha-e”, brian is pretty proud.
  • he is obsessed with thomas and friends. why??? this show is so bad!
  • he’s a good sleeper and eater – his favorite foods are hummus, yogurt, cheese, spaghetti and popsicles.
  • he loves to be outside, so with colder weather approaching it makes me a little nervous.

overall bastian has been the light of my life this past year and a half. we have good days and bad days, but when he gives me a hug, a kiss and says mama my heart bursts. he really is such a special lovable guy.


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