pumpkin carving





last night we carved pumpkins, and although bastian had a low fever, he dug right in. brian and i carve pumpkins every year together and we tend to get a little competitive about whose pumpkin is better 🙂 of course i always think mine is better! haha! i am so excited for tomorrow to take bastian around our neighborhood trick-or-treating in his dragon costume. he is not going to have clue what is going on, but he will be excited when he takes his first bite of a snickers! i have so many found memories of halloween… maybe it was because we never had candy in our house… anyways, my sisters and i would come home and spread our candy all over the living room floor and sort out what we liked (chocolate for me please) and what we didn’t like (skittles and fruity candy no thanks) and trade with each other. i always loved my costume and never wanted to take it off. bastian likes his dragon costume too! he has little toenails on his feet that he likes to look at while he walks. when he puts it on, he knows he is something pretty special 🙂 i hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween!


2 thoughts on “pumpkin carving

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Poor sick boy!!! It looks like it didn’t stop him from helping a LOT.

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