thanksgiving photo dump

thanksgiving-1 thanksgiving-2 thanksgiving-3 thanksgiving-4 thanksgiving-5 thanksgiving-6 thanksgiving-7 thanksgiving-8 thanksgiving-9


this thanksgiving we went to denver to visit brian’s sister, her husband and their new baby. we had a ton of fun and i sure loved snuggling on a newborn. bastian really loved his cousin emmett. he wanted to hold the baby hug and kiss the baby all day. first thing he would say when he woke up in the morning was “bebe”.

we got to go to the nature and science museum and walk around their beautiful neighborhood and parks. the weather was in the 60’s the whole time we were there… can’t complain about that! one night we walked the 16th street mall and found a little beer garden with carolers. bastian was mesmerized by them. it was so adorable, he sat down on the dance floor all by himself to watch them.

bastian did great on the plane too! overall the trip was great and we were so glad we got to meet baby emmett. he was such a good sweet little baby. we are thankful that they put up with us for the weekend too 🙂


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