best buds


this little guy got to spend some time with his good buddies this week. they got to go to the park and have a little indoor picnic. bastian showed off by going down the really big slide all on his own. he nearly flew off the bottom too. (why are some of those slides so slippery?) basitan also got to go visit his dad’s cousin at the fire station.¬†grandma took him and said he had a blast and even got to “drive” the fire engine.

toddler life can be tiring too, and sometimes you fall asleep sitting up. i can’t believe he is going to be two in a month. i feel like year 1-2 went so quick! i am sure they will just continue to get quicker and quicker. although i hate to see my baby fade away, i love how much he is learning, growing and discovering every day. he is turning into a little boy who i love to pieces.

i sometimes look at him and think to myself ‘there is no way he could be any cuter’ and ‘how many time can i kiss him on the mouth to satisfy my heart bursting love for him? he’s a great little dude.


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