week by week: 14


well i am a little late posting this… i will be 15 weeks in one day but oh well! i took this picture on halloween so i had to include my mini costume. bastian was mickey mouse and he was the cutest mickey ever. i will show pictures soon. so back to this pregnancy, it’s been pretty good this week. i am still working out, but taking it a little easier on myself. with bastian i was always fearful of being a “weeny” pregnant lady… but this time i am over that haha. don’t get me wrong, i still work hard and go to the the gym, i just have changed the classes i go to and don’t kick myself if i can’t do something like i used to.


i am definitely in maternity wear now, actually that happened a few weeks ago 🙂 i will get more use out of all those clothes i guess! i pulled my maternity clothes out of storage, and i was shocked how little i have. i must have put a lot of my non maternity tops to good use during that pregnancy. that being said, i think i need to go shopping to get some new stuff to last me through winter.

i hopefully will stay on top of these posts like i said a week ago… but with a toddler, i find it very necessary for me to nap during their nap time too 🙂 i hope my energy level starts to pick up so i can actually try to get something accomplished!


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