week by week: 15


well another week down. there were times this week where i would forget i was pregnant. i almost forgot i had a belly! so needless to say i feel pretty good! my belly is growing by the day and literally looks close to the same size as my 23 week belly with bastian than my 15 week belly… wha wha. i am guessing this slows down, or i am hoping it slows down a bit. my ob said that my body “knows what to do” so my uterus just ‘BLOOP’ pops out, just like a little pop up camper ready to bake a baby.

i went to prenatal yoga for the first time last weekend and it was nice. the teacher read this poem at the end of class that made me cry. i felt like a dork until one of the other mamas said it made her cry… hormones or just pure love for that baby? i am guessing a lot of both 🙂 anyways, it was a good hour to myself to focus on the baby and be around other pregnant women who are just as scared and excited.


with the new baby coming, we are in the process of moving bastian’s room to the guest bedroom which will be his “big boy room”. i am excited to get it all set up and decorated for him. he’s pretty excited too. he will soon be in a full sized bed, which hopefully won’t be too much of a pain considering he can climb out of his crib anyways. so bastian’s existing room will become the nursery for the new baby. depending on the sex of the baby, it may get a bigger face lift or it may stay pretty similar. i am excited to share some pictures of basitan’s new room once we get it done!

anyways, on wednesday we have our 16 week appointment and i am excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and be one appointment closer to knowing whether baby is a boy or a girl!


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