week by week: 17


whoops… i missed week 16. i guess it didn’t take long for me to fall behind. anyways, i am now 17 weeks pregnant. i feel really good. no nausea! i do feel really really big for only being 17 weeks. i am really hoping that the belly growing slows down a bit. i mean, i am so thankful and happy to have a belly and i promised myself i wouldn’t complain. and now here i am complaining… but really i am not complaining because i love it, just curious if it will slow down.

anyways… in other news, bastian is fully moved into his big boy room. it’s seriously adorable and i can’t wait to share pictures. he has done so well in his big boy bed and i am one proud mama. he told me the second night we were putting him to bed in his new room that he didn’t want to sleep in the big boy bed and he wanted to go back in his crib. i told him, that’s not your room anymore or your bed. he said “ok” and left it at that. well alright! don’t get me wrong, i have been a bit more sensitive to the fact that he has a new room, new bed and somewhat new routine, so i have been reading more books and singing him like 5 more songs before i leave his room… but he is doing great!


i am so excited to find out what we are having in less than 3 weeks! and this is bad to admit, but mainly so i can start decorating the nursery. ok, now that i re-read that i sound like an awful human, but seriously i don’t have a preference on boy vs. girl because we are just so thankful for a baby.


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