week by week: 18


week 18 has been a good one! we have a ton of family in town for thanksgiving, which has be a fun! i feel great and really enjoyed eating a delicious thanksgiving meal yesterday. bastian got triple the attention with all of our family there and he is pretty tuckered out today.

the weather has been really cold and nasty since yesterday, which makes me want to just curl up on the couch with a blanket, but i have been motivated enough to still get my workouts in. i am still taking the same classes and feel like i can keep up pretty well. though, as my stomach muscles start to separate more from my growing belly, i am noticing certain things becoming more difficult. but back to the cold weather, brian and i are kicking ourselves for not putting up christmas lights last week when it was warmer and just wait to turn them on. oh well… he said he would tough through it. i on the other hand will be setting up all the indoor decorations which is fun!

well i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and stays warm this weekend! i am going to lay down for a snooze while bastian naps upstairs… oh man, i know my days are numbered for day naps… so i am going to take advantage of it now!



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