week by week: 23


well i missed a week again, and i am about 4 days late… i will blame it on the holidays 🙂 our christmas and new years were great! bastian just loved every second of opening gifts and being around family. we got bastian his very own baby doll to “help” take care of. he wasn’t too interested in her at first, but then he wanted to put her to bed and give her his blankets. it was pretty sweet. along with taking care of his baby, he has expressed interest in what we name our little miss. well, i asked him what we should name her and he couldn’t think of any good names. then he came up with a name that is seeming to stick. applesauce. yes, he tells people “mommy has baby applesauce in her tummy”. my family thinks it’s pretty funny and well, now he thinks it’s pretty funny and i fear this poor little girl will forever have the nickname applesauce.


i have been feeling really good; sleeping well and still able to work out like normal. i feel her kick a lot now. i love those little kicks. brian has felt her kicks too. so this week while taking photos, bastian wanted to get in too. we thought it was pretty sweet and hilarious that made his little belly puff out. i am really excited for bastian to be a big brother. i know there will be struggles, but i think he will be mostly sweet to her. we will see 😉 does anyone have any advice on good books to read about becoming a big brother?



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