week by week: 24


how is this pregnancy going so fast? recently at my 24 week appointment, the nurse informed me that my next doctor appointment (28 weeks) would be the visit before i start going every 2 weeks. i have to take my glucose test, my rhogam shot and some other shot at the next appointment. with bastian i failed my glucose initial test and i was so bummed. i made the mistake of eating before my test last time and i am going to say that’s why i failed 🙂 i passed the three hour test (which sucks to do big time) thank god.

i think my belly grew a bit this week. maybe little girlie had a growth spurt. she is still a little mover and shaker in there and it’s so much fun to feel her. i am getting really close to pulling her nursery all together. i decided to have a moroccan theme with bright pinks and fun patterns. girlie, but not too babyish. i bought a few things on ebay that i am so stoked to get in the mail. i will share pictures as i get things going. and one of these days… i will show pictures of bastian’s new room. it’s pretty adorable and he is loving it too.



2 thoughts on “week by week: 24

  1. Connie Healey says:

    You look great! So happy for all three of you!

  2. taura says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the nursery:)

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