week by week: 32


well here i am now, 32 weeks, and although i did go through the trouble to take pictures at 29 weeks, i never did a write up. so i will catch you up on all my lovely pregnancy news that has happened in the last 4 weeks.

first off, i failed my first glucose test… annoying. i was pretty confident that i would pass my three hour test with flying colors. well, i didn’t. after a couple days of feeling really sorry for myself, i mean really sorry for myself, i finally just came to the conclusion that it was nothing i was doing or could have prevented. i really pride myself on being a healthy pregnant women, well actually i really try hard to be very healthy even when i am not pregnant! i think genetics got the best of me. anyways, after feeling sorry for myself ( 🙂 ) i signed up for the class and just took it this past tuesday. the class was informative and taking my blood sugar hasn’t gotten old yet. i literally have been doing the meal plan they gave me for years, but there were a few modifications that i had to take. my doc told me after about a week of low levels, she will let me start only testing 2 times a day vs. 4. every time i have tested my blood sugar, i have been way under the fasting number they want you to stay under; that meaning, the first test of the day they want my blood sugar to be under 95, all my numbers throughout the day have been in the 70s-80s. so i think it’s safe to say, this baby and i will be just fine.


on wednesday i had my 32 week appointment and of course, i am measuring big… lovely! i know i measured a little big with bastian and i never really thought much of it, but having gestational diabetes, it makes me more weary. nerves aside, we are excited to see this baby girl; it has been since 20 weeks! we are going to take bastian with us which i think will be really cool for him. i have never had an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy and i can’t wait to see her little face.


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