week by week: 33


this week has been pretty good! i actually feel really great and not sore or achey at all. i have been able to keep up with my workout routine and that makes me feel pretty proud! i also have been doing really well with keeping my blood sugar down. it’s hard not to be able to just munch on something yummy whenever i want, but it hasn’t been too bad. i am starting to think about what i want to bring to the hospital with me and i really can’t think of much! so far i have a swaddle blanket and a couple bows… so yeah i am super prepared. the nursery is coming together and truly about done. i will share photos once i feel there is nothing really left to do with it. it’s constantly a mess because bastian goes in there and messes around with everything.


the weather has been so nice lately and bastian, brian and i have been spending tons of time outside. it gets me excited for little miss to come and be able to join us. when bastian was a newborn he loved to be outside. something with the fresh air and all the noises of nature (and construction that was going on) calmed him down immediately. let’s hope little miss likes being outside like her big brother because i have a feeling we will be outside all spring and summer with a busy busy toddler.


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