week by week: 36


i am now in the home stretch, one month away from meeting baby van bloom. these past weeks have been good, i am sleeping great and still feeling pretty good! this week at the doctor we had to do fetal monitoring for 20 minutes due to the fact that i have gestational diabetes. it’s kind of fun because you get to hear her little heart beat for 20 minutes. it was cute, every time she made a big movement, her heart rate would go up a little bit. it was like getting a glimpse of what really is going on in my belly.


i am realizing that this baby will be here really soon and i wondering if i am ready. i have everything you need for a baby, but am i mentally ready to be in labor again? mentally ready to mother two children? with bastian, i did so much preparation with the labor process and so i felt really ready. this time around i haven’t, so i think i need to go back and read some of my books to get myself back in the game 🙂 all and all, i know i will survive both labor and the newborn phase haha, so that’s all that matters. i think i am most excited to see her sweet face and kiss her. the idea of having a daughter is so fun to me and i can’t wait to get to know her.

ps. i had to include this sweet photo of bastian with me in my weekly pictures. he is getting really excited for baby applesauce too!



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