week by week: 37


one week closer to meeting our little girl! i surprisingly haven’t had much back pain like i did with bastian. i sleep great which is just going to make it harder in a few weeks to have it taken away. at our appointment this week baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong and she was moving around like a crazy girl. i am now starting to gear myself up for labor again by remembering how amazing it is to hold that baby for the first time. staying positive is the best thing for me and i have to remind myself what the prize is at the end of that marathon.


i got my new breast pump in the mail and i am really excited about it! i used an old medela with bastian and i thought it was time to upgrade, so i decided to go with the spectra s1 model. i have heard nothing but amazing things about it and i am weirdly excited to try it… i say this now, but to all the moms who have to pump out there know… there is nothing fun about pumping haha! oh but this pump is supposed to be very quiet! so there won’t be any more “whaa whaa whaa” of the noisy medela. i will let you know what i think of it. hopefully i will just have gallons of extra milk 😉


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