week by week: 38


two weeks left… well until i am full term! i feel like this pregnancy has gone so fast and although i am so excited to meet our little girl, i am also in no hurry. i remember being much more anxious with bastian at this point than i feel with this pregnancy. the one thing that is making me slightly ready for her to come out is that i am getting uncomfortable. by the end of the day i just ache. my back and pelvis are hitting their limit. it’s like the second i hit 38 weeks, i just hurt. i have also been staying up too late lately and so each night when i am getting into bed i tell myself, please don’t go into labor tonight, i just need a little more sleep 🙂 i need to start going to bed earlier so if i go into labor in the middle of the night, like i did with bastian, i can at least get a couple of hours of sleep to get me through.

brian and i went on what my guess is our last date night before baby comes. we went and saw a movie and then out to dinner. it was nice to have some time to ourselves. i could barely sit still during the movie because my hips and tailbone were so sore. i had to change positions every 10 minutes.



bastian i think is ready to meet his sister too. he has been extra sweet to her; asking to hug her and give her kisses. he thinks she is going to be “berry little” when she comes out and he is going to hold her and kiss her. oh sweet boy, i hope you love your sister as much as we hope! his little world is about to change forever. the way i look at it though, we are giving him the best, life long gift you could give someone, the gift of a sibling. someone that will be in their lives forever. when you add a child to your family, you are adding more love and support for everyone. both brian and my siblings are our whole support system and without them, life wouldn’t be as interesting 🙂

so bastian, although you may not like your sister all the time, you will forever love her and i know you two will take care of each other long after your dad and me are gone.


2 thoughts on “week by week: 38

  1. Taura says:

    I’m not sure Tasha always thought you were such a gift:) can’t wait to meet this little girlie!

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