miss poppy: 1 month

little miss poppy is one month old! i feel like this past month has seriously flown by. our little girl is the sweetest and i really don’t want these days to pass by any faster. here are some adorable things about poppy:

-she is a great sleeper. a little too much at first and i always had to wake her up to eat.
-she has little bird arms and legs
-she doesn’t cry much and is such a easy good baby
-she grunts and makes the sweetest little squeaks
-bastian loves to give her kisses and hugs, although sometimes his hugs are a little tight 🙂
-she has the biggest eyes and she loves to cross them a lot haha
-when she is awake she is very alert and so so sweet
-she loves to be worn which is great when i have to chase after her big brother
-she has long skinny legs and arms, she is definitely a dainty girl
-wherever she goes her brother will follow (hints the monthly photo with bastian)
-she is still wearing newborn clothes and i can’t wait for her to fit into her summer stuff
-she really is such a good baby and i am overly obsessed with her
-she has smiled for dad, of course, i think it’s the beard 🙂

oh little poppy we sure do love you. we can’t wait to see what kind of a little girl you will become.

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