miss poppy: 2 months


our little miss poppy is two months old today. she is still sweet as ever and we are starting to slowly see her personality come out. here are some of the few things we love about her:

-she smiles, and will smile for people other than just mom and dad!
-she has started to coo, and it’s so adorable
-she is a good sleeper and would only wake up once a night if it weren’t for her neurotic mom that wakes her twice a night to make sure she is getting plenty of milk
-she loves pat-a-cake and smiles really big every time we play
-she likes to be outside and looking up at the trees
-she also loves the warm weather (not too warm) and laying on beach towels
-she likes her baths
-she loves her pacifier and is much better about keeping it in her mouth than bastian
-again, her smiles… adorable
-we have her doc appointment next week so we don’t know how big she is, but my guess is around 10lbs.
-she likes her swing and likes to look at the mobile above her

poppy is so sweet, have i called her sweet yet? haha, seriously i can’t get enough of her. bastian is doing great these days adjusting to being a big brother. he still wants to be the “baby” every so often, which i do let him indulge in every so often. we just love the addition of poppy to our family. time is just going too fast!

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