miss poppy: 5 months


this little doll baby is 5 months old! i can’t believe she is almost half a year… where has the time gone? she is just a little ball of light in our house and we can’t get enough of her bright smile and infectious laugh. here are some of the things miss poppy is doing this month:

  • she is sleeping in her crib ( 😦 ) she has done pretty well, but has her bad nights also.
  • she rolls around and tries to use her legs to help her get to toys
  • she reaches for things that we are holding
  • she gets startled by things and makes the funniest noise of fright
  • she thinks bastian is the funniest guy ever. he generally isn’t even doing anything, she just laughs when she sees him
  • she loves to stand, i think she is really proud of how big she seems when she’s standing
  • she likes to hold toys and wave them back and forth in front of her, it’s really cute
  • everything goes in her mouth, and everything comes out of that mouth including: drool (lots and lots of drool), spit up and more drool

poppy is very sweet and we just love her to pieces. i feel like her babyhood is just slipping away so quickly. it makes me sad, but also excited to see the little girl she will grow into.

ps. little girl is wearing a third peach co bow in her hair, isn’t it adorable 🙂


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