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week by week: 38-39 weeks

well, i write this when i am no longer pregnant… but i wanted to share the pics because well, they were the last weeks of having our sweet baby on the inside. i am working on writing the baby’s birth story that hopefully will be done today!

week by week: 31-36

well once again, it’s been a while since i have posted and i am over 37 weeks now. it can’t believe time is moving so fast. i remember with both of my other pregnancies, the last 10 weeks felt like it took forever… but this one not so much! haha, i feel was less prepared but also way less stressed about being “prepared”. i feel like it’s flying by and i haven’t even mentally prepared myself for labor. i am really excited to meet this baby and find out whether it’s a boy or girl!

i am trying to spend these last weeks just enjoying life as a family of 4, but i must admit, i probably am not doing good job. i find myself stressed with just two kids… yikes. my 22 month old really gives me a run for my money. mostly because she is so active and well, i am so big. she decided that climbing out of her crib was what she wanted to surprise me with this past week. thank god she still naps and sleeps all night without getting out. also she can’t open her bedroom door yet either so that helps! the other morning i woke up and found she had got out of her crib, turned on the light and was sitting reading books on her floor. haha it was cute but the pop-up books took a little hit. bastian is pretty much the one who taught her how to get out of her crib… thanks for that one bud 🙂 i hear him wake up in the morning, sprint to his door, and first thing he does is go in poppy’s room and get her up. i really wonder what the dynamic will be between them when they start sharing a room.

anyways, we are just aching for warmer, sunnier weather here and then of course a new baby! spring babies are nice because when you can barley make it out of the house by 10, you can just go for a walk and get a little sunshine and feel ok with letting your kids watch waaaay too much tv the rest of the day. i hate that mom guilt of the tv… whyyyy!!!! any pointers to keep your kids occupied while you nurse a new born would be greatly appreciated!