olive 3 months old

our sweet olive girl is 3 months old! where has the time gone? i saw a newborn today and it almost made me cry 😭 well with a growing baby comes some awesomely cute things they do:

  • she has started to like tummy time!
  • she rolls from her tummy to her back (her big head might help with that)
  • she smiles a lot at her brother
  • she is still sleeping well, just waking up once to nurse
  • she is growing a little more peach fuzz on her head
  • she likes to talk now and it’s adorable! her squeals are so cute!
  • she loves her dad a lot; their favorite thing to do is rock on the porch
  • she has been swimming a couple of times and seems to like it!
  • she is a little chunky girl and i love her luscious dolly thighs
  • she is starting to resemble poppy a bit more but has a rounder face like bastian did (and man do i love kissing those chubby cheeks)

olive is truly a sweet girl and we are beyond excited to watch her grow and her little personality shine through.


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