olive 4 months old

our sweet little olive girl is 4 months old now. i want her to stay a baby forever but she is showing me that she wants to be a big girl! here are the amazing things olive is doing:

  • she rolls and rolls. she likes to roll over in her bassinet also and sleep on her tummy
  • she is soo smiley
  • she laughs (mostly for bastian)
  • she loves to watch her brother and sister be wild. she will push up on her tummy and then start kicking her feet in excitement
  • she is waking up between 1-2 times a night, not ideal but i can handle it for a little while 😉
  • she hasn’t been talking a ton, mostly smiling
  • she drools like crazy already. poppy was a monster drooler also
  • she sits in the bumbo chair and sometimes sits in the bouncer
  • she likes to hold things and put them in her mouth
  • she not as big as i thought she was! chubby but petite 🙂

i feel like olive can really do no wrong haha. she is so sweet and i just want to savor every moment with her while she is a tiny little baby.


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