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guest post: kids spring style

i did a guest post over on with the most adorable spring outfits for your little ones. check it out here!


fall essentials

. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.

whoa, i had a little blog hiatus… i was feeling really uninspired and well, i got really busy. but with cooler weather at our doorstep i thought i would share my fall essentials. i always get so excited to transition to a new season of clothes and this fall is no exception.

this fall i am really into dressing up casual pieces, like wearing nike’s with a dress shirt, wearing a fancy necklace with a crew neck sweatshirt. and sweatpants… yes sweatpants are acceptable to wear out of the house now, everyone’s dream come true. seriously i love where fall fashion is going. cozy oversized sweaters and comfy shoes. trying to make comfy chic look chic and not shabby is hard but i am up for the challenge.

guest post: kids summer style



i did a quest post over at today! it’s pretty adorable so i suggest you should go check it out!

summer sandals under $40


one. two. three. four. five. six. seven.

i am in need of some new summer sandals. most of the sandals i have are totally crapped out, but i just can’t bring myself to throw them away. this summer i am really into the simple euro looking sandals and you can’t go wrong with a gladiator sandal. i found a collection of sandals all for under $40! at these prices, you can afford to buy a few! i have actually already purchased the first pair. although i am anxious for the weather to get warmer, i do love to pair sandals with a cute pair of skinny jeans and jacket. so i’ll let you slide this time weather…but you better reach the 80’s for memorial day weekend or else!

style: spring outfits for baby


baby tee | drool scarf | baby leggings | sneakers

i am really in love with everything about this little baby boy outfit. i actually bought these leggings for bastian…can’t wait to get them in the mail! i think we are all ready to trade in our winter duds for some new spring fashion. the biggest thing for me is to not break the bank when it comes to baby clothes. there is some adorable pricey stuff out there…but i just don’t have the stomach to spend that much on clothes for a person who still poops their pants. i have to say, boys clothes have come a long way…so long light-up-shoes with spider man emblems all over! i can hear 100 moms saying “just you wait!”…yes i know, so i will have my fun now.


baby top | headband | baby leggings | sneakers

this little lady’s outfit is just simply perfect in my mind. girly, but not cheesy with a pinch of sporty i’m-the-cool-girl-on-the-block. someday when i have a girl (yes, i hear you can plan these things right?…) i will be tempted to flood her in pink and bows, but i do love the sporty girl look too. how awesome are those sneakers? i want them in my size!

DIY valentines day onesie



bastian had a little valentines day party at our baby and me class yesterday so i decided to make him this little onesie last minute. all you need is:

this literally took me 45 minutes to complete. i cut out the yellow body of the bee, then glued on the stripes and wings to the yellow body. i embroidered the eyes and mouth in black craft thread and then glued the whole thing to the onesie. i wasn’t very careful with the lettering…it’s kind of sloppy and i could have probably mapped it out with a pencil, but again i had limited time (during his nap). i stitched the word “mine” into the onesie and then connected it with the bee’s rear-end. i added a little heart on the back…well because i thought it was cute. i would be this little stud’s valentine any day. so if you don’t have a valentines day get up for your little one, get crafty and make them one! seriously, any fabric or paint (hey, even a sharpie) would work – and because those onesies are so cheap you won’t feel bad about using it for a one time wear. you can’t go wrong even with a simple big-old red heart.

my current winter obsessions


faux fur jacket | graphic print sweatshirt | converse sneakers | gray jersey tshirt| patterned leggings | minnetonka boots | lumberjack coat | cozy sweater

i have been on a real shopping kick lately. grays, cozy soft fabrics and shapes are all i want to buy! i guess it’s like my mom uniform. there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable and wear yoga pants all day long…right?

happy new year



happy 2014! i hope everyone enjoyed new years eve and is relaxing on this new years day. we spent new years eve with friends and their kids. you know your life has changed when it’s midnight and instead of toasting with champagne, you are feeding your baby in a quiet dark house. it’s a good change though 🙂

my sister took these photos above on christmas day. bastian and i got matching minnetonka boots for christmas and we are both obsessed with them! he is also sporting the cutest little drool bib that i bought on etsy. i bought a couple and just love them. they keep their clothes dry all while looking stylish. i figure i will take advantage of being able to dress him while i can!


fall fashion: for baby boys

fallfashion_babyboy1sweater | jeans | shoes

fallfashion_babyboy2one-piece | sweater | shoes

fallfashion_babyboy3cardigan | onesie | leggings


fallfashion_babyboy4sweatshirt | onesie | pants


i have been trying to stop the uncontrollable urge to buy more clothes for bastian. with the cooler fall weather approaching the little guy needs some warm clothes! ok, he already has warm clothes…but he may need some more…for special occasions. the outfits that i put together are so adorable i want to buy every single piece! mini things are always cuter aren’t they?!

current obsession: ankle booties


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

i am currently obsessing over ankle booties. i have a few pairs from seasons past, but with the new styles coming out i feel like i need to add to my collection! i am loving all the buckles, cut-outs, and hidden wedges this season. almost all of these boots are under $100 too! i have a hard time spending a ton of money on shoes that may go out of style in a year or two. the only thing with ankle boots is that i have short legs and the models wearing them in the photos always have toothpick legs…so there is a bit of a reality check about how they look on me and what i can wear them with. well, to hell with toothpick legs, i am going to rock them anyways!