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life lately

it has been a long time blog. sorry šŸ˜¦ anyways, i thought i would dump some photos of life lately, mostly of bastian.


i want to squeeze him. this day he didn’t think he needed to take a nap, then around 6 he fell asleep on the couch. i had to snap a couple pics before i woke him up.


this little guy finally got a hair cut. like a ‘real’ haircut. you can see by the first photo that he needed it. the rat’s nest was no longer cute. he was such a good boy; although the first half of the cut had to be done with him standing on the groundĀ because he didn’t want to sit in the chair. i really love it. he looks like a little dude and you can see his cute little ears.


in the cold months… i literally run out of fun things to do at home. the pipe cleaners and pom pom balls entertained him for about 30 minutes, so it wasn’t a total bust haha. climbing in the mega blocks bin is fun and well, when you can fit, why not try. he is really loving the idea of sunglasses.


thank god for warm weather lately! everyone is just happier. bastian is a big big fan of balls. isn’t every kid? “bootballs” and “saawballs” are where it’s at! he dribbles the ball all over the yard and park. he winds up to throw the football and usually ends up doing a few spins before launching it. he has also figured out how to “smile with your teeth”. he has been cheesing it up ever since. our neighborhood park has the most perfect climbing tree, and bastian loves to climb it with help of daddy.


this kid loves our bed. he will run into our room and climb under the covers and just lay there with a smirk on his face. last night when we were attempting to put a clean diaper and pj’s on. he managed to get loose, pee on the floor TWICE,Ā climb into our bed butt naked with the covers up to his chin. we couldn’t help but laugh andĀ pinch his little butt cheeks.

life lately



1-4. a fun day at the park. he really insistedĀ on “climbing” that tree. so with a little help from mama he got to feel like a big kid.
5. bastianĀ loves to help with yard work. well i guess he doesn’t really help… but he sure wants to! it’s pretty sweet to see him mimic everything we do.
6. heĀ loves to put on these clogs that i have. i think he likes it that they make him taller… but he will break a tooth if he’s not careful.
7. i kind of think he’s perfect.
8. we got to go down the big slides at the park because brian came with to catch him at the bottom. (side note: on the walk to the park there was an estate sale that i couldn’t help but browse, and they had a hudson bay blanketĀ for $135. i looked and touched and then the second i took my hands off it, some gal swooped inĀ and bought it. the lady running the estate sale said they have another one they would sell to me… but of course i didn’t have my damn checkbook AND it ended in 5 minutes. she said they would be having another one the following weekend with more vintage clothing and i could snag it then. so needless to say i have been dreaming of having that blanket… and i might get the chance if i can talk brian into it. fingers crossed :))
9. my new amazing boots i got from the mixĀ and i am a little obsessed.
10. bastian playing the drums at my sister’s house. he was pretty sad when i had to rip him away from the cymbal.
11. a little grammie-bastian love fest.
12-13. fuzzy, bad selfies… because sometimes you just have to give and take a damn selfie.

life lately

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.04.03 AM

  1. bastian, bastian and more bastian
  2. bastian’s first trip to red mango. he loved it of course šŸ™‚
  3. this little guy loves to collect things. acorns are plentiful at the park and he loves to hoard them.
  4. popsicles are his new obsession. he calls them “pie” and they consist of water and a dash of apple juice. they are helping with his canine teeth. bastian also loves to put on shoes, it doesn’t matter if they are 10 sizes too big either.
  5. bastian’s first hockey game. he loved it! he got to hang out with his aunt tasha which he always loves too.
  6. i recently celebrated my 30th. brian threw me a fun surprise party with all my friends and family. he is really good at surprisesĀ ā€“Ā he sure must love me lots.

life has been good to me this fall. being 30 sure doesn’t feel much different either. i recently bleached my hair white blonde which has taken some getting used to but i am pretty excited about it. i have been working on bastian’s halloween costume… it’s the cutest thing ever. we are going to go as these two. i can’t wait to share! what is everyone being for halloween? because i know everyone loves this holiday as much as me right?

photo dump

i hope everyone had a great father’s day weekend! we sure kept busy. bastian is such a busy body lately and doesn’t stop moving every second he is awake. i am worn out by the end of the day. of course i didn’t snap any photos of brian and bastian together on father’s day…because that would be too obvious…but here are some fun photos from over the past weeks.


bastian tends to be either naked, shirtless or pant-less these days…my neighbors probably think we are hillbillies. he gets everything dirty and he prefers to be naked, so it’s a win-win.


bastian has entered the climbing phase…yikes! he climbed up this little stool we have in our kitchen and was pretty proud of himself. you can’t tell by these photos because his face says ‘no big deal’. he isn’t quite tall enough to climb up on the couch or out of his crib, thank god.


we went to a restaurant in our neighborhood for lunch and sat in their new beer garden. the weather was great and bastian enjoyed running around ‘smelling’ the flowers and trying to play inĀ the community dog dish.


again, he is naked most of the time…but i really don’t like him to be diaper-less inside the house because of the obvious, but he has been slipping away from me in the middle of diaper changes. i thought this phase would have ended by now…nope.

20140617-111039-40239539.jpgĀ grandma picked up a baby pool for our house and bastian really likes it, especially when he gets to go in naked. with all the activities we are doing this summer, he gets so worn out and sleeps like a log. no one can complain about that.


on father’s day we went and swam with brian’s dad and step-mom. bastian got to swim in his own floaty which he thought was pretty special.Ā he slept pretty hard on the way home. we had a good day.

Life lately aka photo dump









this poor kid will have no documentation of his childhood…i just can’t help it. hope everyone has a good weekend. we are celebrating brian’s ‘birthday week’ with a date tonight, so that should be fun! we are supposed to have some nice weather this weekend which means walks, walks and more walks!

life lately

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


life has been pretty busy lately, hints the lack of posts. here is a photo dump of what we have been up to.

life lately…aka millions of pics of bastian

lifelately0830a lifelately0830b lifelately0830c lifelately0830d

i haven’t done a ‘life lately’ post in a long while. as you can see 99.99% of all my photos are of bastian. i mean, i can’t help it, he is just darn cute. bastian is the boy of a million expressions. i love each one and i try come up with captions for all of them. hope everyone has a good labor day weekend and enjoy the hot hot weather!

week by week: the journey


so i finally got around to compiling all the week by week pics of my belly. it’s kind of crazy to relive those days. i kind of miss my belly, but there is nothing better than holding my little stinker. time goes so fast! hope you enjoy!

life lately

lifelately0514a lifelately0514b

so these past three weeks have been pretty hectic and even though people say newborns sleep all the time…i can’t seem to find 20 consecutive minutes to do much of anything. i do have time to take pictures as you can see. all brian and i do is take pictures of this cute little guy. he is changing everyday and i know he is just going to grow so fast.

bastian is a pretty good baby for the most part. he is really alert when he is awake. he loves to be outside, we call him our little nature baby. he likes walks and loves car rides. he eats every 3 hours and is slowly getting to be a faster eater. at first it took him an hour to eat…and now it’s down to about 40 minutes. after he got his frenulum clipped it has been loads better, less painful and faster. i also didn’t really plan on co-sleeping with this little munchkin, but as a parent you do what works. if it means more sleep for mama right now, we will do it. that’s how pretty much everything is when it comes to newborns…do what works. i can’t get enough snuggle time with him either. brian and i fight over who gets to snuggle with him haha. he has skinny little chicken legs right now but i know that soon those legs will be filled with fatty rolls.

we are just trying to work on fattening him up. at his two week checkup he was about 3 oz. short of his birth weight. our pediatrician told us not to worry, that as long as he was gaining weight at a good rate, he was going to be fine. we do have another appointment this week to make sure that he is still gaining. our pediatrician always puts my mind at ease, and makes sure i know that i am not starving my baby. as a breastfeeding mom, it is so hard to think that you aren’t giving your baby enough food. we are just pushing along and i know it will get easier!

at this point we have made it three weeks with this sweet little guy. it feels like he has been a part of our lives forever, but at the same time we are slowly trying to adjust to having him in our lives. he is so animated and makes the cutest little faces that i don’t think we will ever stop taking pictures.


life lately




life is good, i can’t complain. well i mean i can complain that my back and hips hurt…but i mean of course they do…look at that MASSIVE belly. we are trying to do some fun stuff before baby gets here. playing with our cats and taking naps are fun ok…but so is having your best friends to hang out with and going to hockey games.