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olive 12 months

oh little olive, you are now 1 year old and sweeter than ever. you had a strawberry themed birthday party and you had such a great time! you didn’t smash into your cake but you politely licked the frosting. here are some adorable things that you have been doing the last month:

  • you started to walk! you aren’t 100% sure of it yet, but you get really excited and give it a try.
  • your brother and sister fight over who you get to walk to next, you love every moment of it
  • you got two new teeth! the top two little chompers
  • you are sleeping through the night (well the last 3 nights…)
  • you really loving the outdoor time with the nice weather
  • you love pushing chairs and your push rider toy all over the house
  • you are a climber, climbing chairs, ladders and whatever you can get your knee up on
  • you love to rock in your mini rocking chair, sometimes stand up and rock too
  • you have started to become more of a picky eater, you love cheese, bread and refuse to eat anything off my spoon or that i try to stick in your mouth
  • at your one year check up, we confirmed you are a little peanut and are the smallest of the van bloom kids
  • you smile and make everyone so happy when they are around you
  • you love to laugh and make fake coughing noises
  • when we hold you, you like to pat our backs with your sweet little hand

we love you so much olive! you are such a happy baby and so incredibly sweet. our lives are better with you in it and although i am sad a year has gone so quickly, i am excited for another year of your wonderful personality to bloom even more. we love you so much!!


olive 10 months

our little olive is 10 months old! here are all the wonderful things she has been doing in the past month:

  • she still only has two teeth! i can’t believe that she doesn’t have more haha
  • she isn’t really sleeping through the night anymore… i think a cold might have kicked her back in the habit of waking
  • she loves to climb the stairs and is getting really good at going down the stairs backwards. she will get to the edge of the stairs (supervised) and we will say, “how do big girls go down the stairs?” and she turns around and goes down on her belly. pretty cute, and i feel like waaay earlier than my two oldest.
  • she waves bye bye, her little hand just goes up and down it’s adorable
  • she loves to clap and loves when we clap along with her
  • she is becoming more vocal but in the form of screaming rather than babbling. she hasn’t been saying mama at all lately… come on little girl!
  • she loves to eat and is learning how to drink out of a sippy cup… why do my kids have the hardest time with this?
  • her favorite food right now is strawberries
  • i have got her to stand by herself for a few short seconds, but i don’t see any signs of her being an early walker like our poppy girl
  • she is an independent player but also loves to just watch bastian and poppy be totally crazy
  • she loves the bath and thinks she is so funny when she splashes in the water

i find myself holding her a little longer at night before bed, and soaking up all those sweet baby snuggles. i know it won’t be long before she is not a baby and would rather me put her down than snuggle. although i love to watch my kids grow up and see their personalities and curiosities come to life, i still can’t help but want them to be babies forever (minus the sleepless nights :)). olive i will soak up these last couple months before you turn one.

olive 9 months

our sweet little olive is 9 months old (on the 19th… i blame christmas and new years for me totally procrastinating). she is so much fun and a little bit of trouble all wrapped into one cute little package. here are the wonderful things olive has been doing:

  • she claps her hands and is pretty proud of herself when she does it
  • she has 2 teeth! these guys popped out last month but i forgot to mention it. there are no other teeth in sight… just two little bottom teeth
  • she makes a scrunchy face smile and those 2 bottom teeth pop out, it’s the cutest
  • she loves the stairs and standing up with anything she can
  • she got an activity walker from santa and she likes to walk behind it
  • she has said “mama” but it’s not consistant
  • she has been sleeping through the night which is great!
  • she loves solid food now and loves to feed herself
  • her favorite food is strawberries and meat, but she pretty much eats everything we give to her
  • she hates to get dressed or have her diaper changed
  • she likes baths with poppy and thinks splashing is so much fun

everyone in the family can’t get enough of olive. bastian and poppy are constantly kissing and hugging her. there is no shortage of love to go around for that little muffin. i can’t believe in less than 3 short months i will have a 1 year old. so. so. sad 😦

olive 8 months

our sweet little olive is 8 months (well this is a bit late… go figure). she is such a cutie and her smile makes us all sooo happy. here are the wonderful things olive has been doing the last month:

  • she likes to climb the stairs now… ugh
  • she smiles with her mouth open when she’s really happy and it just melts everyone that see her
  • she is cruising furniture, although the best at it yet
  • she really is enjoying food and had her first thanksgiving. she loved the mashed potatoes!
  • she is trying to learn how to feed herself, but most of the pieces of food don’t make it to her mouth. it’s adorable
  • she still wakes up once a night but has had nights where she wakes up at 6:30 and goes back to bed
  • she’s such a good baby and is always interested in going places with poppy and bastian
  • she’s not much of a talker and hasn’t really been babbling much

we are so lucky to have this precious little girl in our lives. the kids get so excited when she wakes up and always want to play, kiss and talk to her. she is very loved 🙂

olive 7 months

this little pumpkin is 7 months old and is more precious than ever! gosh we just love her so much. here are all the wonderful things she has been doing the past month:

  • she is crawling all over the place and it’s pretty adorable to see her tiny little body explore all over the house. there are so many more toys for her to get into trouble with though…
  • she is pulling herself up onto things also. she doesn’t have good balance yet and seems to fall a lot, but most of the time i am there to catch her 😉 she stands up in her crib now also
  • she is starting to get separation anxiety, and get freaked out by people she isn’t used to
  • she is sleeping well enough. i feel like third time around i don’t really have many expectations of how and when she should be sleeping great
  • she’s still looks like a little baldy girl. she has hair, but not much and what she does is blonde so it’s hard to see.
  • she really loves to smile and does it pretty much any time you talk to her
  • she has started to fake cough, which is totally adorable
  • she likes food and is learning how to keep it her mouth 🙂

olive is just a little sweetheart and we can’t get enough of her. the kids love to go into her room in the morning when she wakes up. she loves them so much. she is such a joy to have in the family!

olive 6 months

our sweet little olive is 6 months old and i sweat time keeps going faster and faster. she is such a happy little girl and here are all the wonderful things she does:

  • she is practicing sitting up but not a pro at it yet. when she is focused on something she stays up really well!
  • she is inch worming, or kind of crawling but more like a little inch worm. she gets up on all fours and then lunges her chest forward and she can get to what she wants
  • she makes a blubbering noise with her tongue and it’s so cute
  • she loves bath time and kicks like crazy
  • we gave her food for the first time a few days ago and she seems to like it! sweet potato not her favorite but carrots were a hit
  • she totally goes with the flow for the most part and just really loves watching the older kids play and dance
  • she will get on her hands and knees and then lean over to one side like a senior portrait pose, she can almost get herself to sitting
  • everything goes in the mouth and the drool is out of this world but no teeth yet!
  • she has the least hair out of all my kids haha, but it’s so fuzzy and i am pretty sure it’s going to be very blonde
  • she has a few chunks of hair that are really long (poppy had this too) haha but i can’t bring myself to cutting them… why?!
  • she is sleeping pretty good, wakes up once to nurse and then right back down (although last night it was twice… hmmm)
  • she is starting to get spooked by people, almost like stranger danger

olive is really such a happy baby and you just can’t be mad when you look at her. her smile is starting to get squishy face and her little dimple on her left cheek melts me. i want time to slow down so i can savor every last month of this baby’s first year.

week by week: 23-26 weeks

well here i am at the tail end of my 26th week. i can’t believe i am going to be starting my THIRD trimester here in a couple days. how is that possible? i feel like this just started… but then again that last trimester always goes the slowest. i realized in my last post that i didn’t say one thing about this new baby. poor baby 😦 with two kids at home, work and my side business i find it hard to focus on this baby and this pregnancy. don’t get me wrong, i focus a lot on their rooms, logistics of routines, things we need, etc. but the actual baby… hasn’t been dreamed up like my last two (baby if you read this someday, i promise i love you just as much :)). maybe it’s because i don’t know the gender? maybe it’s because i am just so busy? maybe i need to go to prenatal yoga and spend at least an hour a week focusing solely on this little bundle. so here, i will focus this post on THIS pregnancy and THIS baby!

this little one has been moving around a lot lately. i have felt it’s little kicks since about 17 weeks. i can see the kicks now from the outside which i love. those baby kicks are something so special and i sweat this baby knows when to calm my nerves. i will be driving in the car and all of a sudden think “i haven’t felt the baby kick today… have i?” and then i will kind of hold silent and then the baby gives me a little kick, as if to say “mom, i am here, don’t you worry”. i do day dream about snuggling and sleeping with this baby a lot. although i am sure that naps during the day won’t as much i still do long for those newborn snuggles.

i have their coming home outfit all ready (not packed). if it’s a boy, i have the cutest little bonnet from a local maker that i love wee vintage baby, and then of course if it’s a girl, she will be wearing a third peach co bow. we are trying to figure out when to transition poppy into bastian’s room. honestly, i am not in any hurry and i don’t want to feel rushed into trying to push her in there. she is way to immature right now to be in a bed, but maybe as the months go by she will show me differently. basitan was about 2.5 years when i put him in a big kid bed. so maybe poppy will be ready by the time i want to transition the baby into their crib. we will see…

i have my glucose test next week. since i had gestational diabetes with poppy i have a 60% chance of having it again with this baby. i am not really going to beat myself up over it or freak out about it. i was able to manage it just fine with poppy and so i know i can with this one as well. the toughest part will be to be on a schedule with eating when i have both kids. my guess is next time i post about this pregnancy i will know whether i have it or not.

overall this pregnancy has been pretty easy and has gone so fast. i have the normal aches and pains that all pregnant women have. i sleep just fine, workout still and overall feel pretty good!

miss poppy: 12 months

our sweet girl is one year old. one. year. people. how did that happen so fast?! and the crazy thing is, ever since her birthday she acts like she is a big girl! she just seems older (sad face) BUT with that big girl personality come some super adorable behaviors. here is what our girl has been doing:

  • she loves to dance. her shoulders really get into it but her face usually remains sober
  • she is loving her dollies. she carries them around and rocks and pats them. i mean, it’s the cutest thing ever and i secretly love that she loves dolls… because i might have a doll obsession myself and i might have a them all in storage in my basement and it might be the best day ever when we can play barbies and american girl dolls together… just saying.
  • she weighs 19.5 lbs. and is 29.25 ins. tall.
  • she talks a lot and although sometimes we think she says something clear as day, she hasn’t been saying much other than babble
  • she loves chairs. haha. she likes to get up on bastian’s everywhere chair and pull her dollies up there with her and then climb down and do it again and again.
  • she loved her first birthday party (shared with her brother) and loved opening presents. she really liked smashing and squishing her cake but didn’t eat too much. i am sure that sweet tooth with come 🙂
  • she has started to throw little fits when you take something away from her and she throws her head back and usually ends up hurting herself haha. i mean it’s not funny that she bonks her head… but those tantrums are so sweet compared to the ones when they are 3 🙂
  • she sleeps good, with the occasional wake ups, but naps great and is overall a really well behaved little girl! i can’t complain!

we are so lucky to have poppy in our lives. she is so funny and independent. the past year has been one of the best i must say. we are so excited to see the little girl you grow into. we love you so much little poppy girl!

miss poppy: 11 months

our sweet little poppy is 11 months old! her personality is really coming out and let me tell you, she thinks she’s a pretty big deal. she didn’t want to smile for me in this picture, of course, but at least she sat still! here are the adorable things poppy has been doing the past month.

  • she is walking! if you follow me on instagram, you saw the adorable video i posted of her walking for the first time.
  • with the walking came some serious confidence. she pushes the grocery cart and other wheely things around with a big smile on her face.
  • she is sleeping great still minus the occasional middle of the night wake up.
  • she loves to talk to herself. she isn’t saying anything totally recognizable yet, but i am sure she thinks she is!
  • she is starting to make funny faces and it’s adorable. she puckers her lips and breathes hard through her nose and we all laugh and it just encourages her to keep going.
  • she likes to whine just about anything. she is much more dramatic than bastian ever was… but it’s pretty cute still haha. i am sure in 1 year i won’t be saying that.
  • she mimics everything bastian does, from driving cars and trains to playing with hockey sticks.
  • her favorite foods are apple sauce, dried fruit, any kind of meat or fish, cheerios, and waffles… i wish she liked veggies more!
  • we are getting ready to plan the kids birthday party. how is she about to turn 1? waaah?! and i am trying to figure out how to make both of their birthdays special without overshadowing one another.

poppy is so much fun and usually up for any adventure. she loves to hang out with her big brother and she has made family life that much more entertaining. poppy i can’t believe you are going turn one in one short month. i remember the day you were born like it was last week! although letting go of your babyhood is soooo sad 😦 i am so excited to see what kind of little girl you turn into. you are a force to be reckoned with and i know nothing will stand in your way… even if it’s a chair when you are trying to push the grocery cart around the living room 🙂

miss poppy: 10 months


little miss poppy is now double digits! i say this every month, but time is really going so fast. poppy is just such a little force in our household. it’s pretty impossible to take her picture these days, and she didn’t want to smile for me today 🙂 here are the wonderful things poppy has been doing:

  • she finally likes baths again! she is roaming the tub which she loves and likes to splash and stand up
  • she loves to dance and loves music. she wiggles when music comes on and looks at us to make sure we are watching
  • she has been sleeping through the night which is nice
  • she is so close to walking. she stands and balances for long periods of time and has taken small steps but she is still a little unsure
  • she loves to walk behind our toy grocery cart and prefers to walk behind the walker instead of walking in the walker
  • she babbles a lot and talks like she is carrying on a conversation but doesn’t really call either of us (mama/dada) by name yet
  • she still thinks bastian is pretty great even though they have the quarrels. i think once she is big enough to fight back… bastian will have another thing coming
  • she is pretty serious and doesn’t give many people smiles but she can also be so goofy! when she is at home she really hams it up
  • she still loves to eat but has started to get more picky, which still is still more food than her brother will eat

poppy is so much fun to be around and a really good little baby. sleeps, eats, naps and plays well which makes me happy! she is the dearest little girl and i couldn’t imagine not having her in our family. two months and we will be celebrating her first birthday… tear 😦

poppy’s bow: Third Peach Co | shoes: Belle and the Bear