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a bee-day party

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this past weekend we had bastian’s bee-day party. it was so much fun to celebrate with our close family. we kept it small and it was perfect. i decided to have a bee theme party because, well, it’s cute, i already have tons of black and yellow things in my house and his name starts with a “b”…so it worked. my grandma made his little cake and my mom helped decorate it. my mother-in-law made the cupcakes and we had a ton of help with the rest of the food. i made little crowns for all the guests to wear, but of course i forgot about them until half way through the party. i made a hanging collage of all his monthly photos and hung them over the fireplace. i also had a slideshow playing while we opened gifts. he sure got some good stuff! my sister and brother-in-law got him a cherry tree to grow with him. we planted it in our yard and we are anxious for it to bloom next spring! bastian did so well, and although he didn’t destroy his cake, he managed to entertain all of his guests.

after everyone left, i realized i forgot to give him his big gift from mom and dad! i couldn’t believe i spaced it. we got him a radio flyer trike that grows with him. well needless to say, he loved it. that night we took the trike for a test drive to the park. he thought he was a pretty big deal, and now he’s the talk of the neighborhood. i swear he has grown up so much in the past week. he is no longer a baby. he’s walking – walking everywhere and all the time. here’s to having a toddler!

feelin’ frisky

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it’s no surprise here that i like cats. i have two of my own (well brian and i share them) ramsay and tula. they are bother and sister and totally adorable. every time i see something cat related i squeal inside and get a warm fuzzy feeling. how can you not love a sweet fuzzy kitty? i put together some kitty inspiration pieces…i want them all. enjoy!