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olive 11 months

our sweet littlest girl is 11 months! well it was like two weeks ago but my excuse is that my computer crashed on me. anyways here are all her wonderful accomplishments the last month:

  • she is cruising along the furniture but not walking yet
  • she loves to push herself on carts, wheels things and push chairs all over the house
  • she says dada, maybe mama in a blue moon, and I swear I heard her say wawa
  • she loves to discreetly drop her food down into her high chair and loudly drop her water bottle on the floor during meals
  • she isn’t sleeping through the night these days… she got sick and it’s set us back a bit. who am I kidding, my five year old still wakes me up :/
  • she still only has two teeth. two… teeth…
  • her hair is sloooowly growing
  • do you think she is trying to stay my baby forever?
  • she can go down the stairs like a champ and does it all herself!
  • is deciding that not all food is equal. mac n’cheese >green beans
  • her personality is really starting to come out and she’s a funny one. i joke that she will be silent but deadly, basically get away with a lot because she’s sneaking around in the background
  • she loves to play with Tupperware and basically anything she can make a huge mess with!
  • olive you bring so much joy to our family. every single one of us can’t get enough of you. i can’t believe my little baby is going to be one in a few short weeks!!
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    olive 4 months old

    our sweet little olive girl is 4 months old now. i want her to stay a baby forever but she is showing me that she wants to be a big girl! here are the amazing things olive is doing:

    • she rolls and rolls. she likes to roll over in her bassinet also and sleep on her tummy
    • she is soo smiley
    • she laughs (mostly for bastian)
    • she loves to watch her brother and sister be wild. she will push up on her tummy and then start kicking her feet in excitement
    • she is waking up between 1-2 times a night, not ideal but i can handle it for a little while 😉
    • she hasn’t been talking a ton, mostly smiling
    • she drools like crazy already. poppy was a monster drooler also
    • she sits in the bumbo chair and sometimes sits in the bouncer
    • she likes to hold things and put them in her mouth
    • she not as big as i thought she was! chubby but petite 🙂

    i feel like olive can really do no wrong haha. she is so sweet and i just want to savor every moment with her while she is a tiny little baby.

    olive 3 months old

    our sweet olive girl is 3 months old! where has the time gone? i saw a newborn today and it almost made me cry 😭 well with a growing baby comes some awesomely cute things they do:

    • she has started to like tummy time!
    • she rolls from her tummy to her back (her big head might help with that)
    • she smiles a lot at her brother
    • she is still sleeping well, just waking up once to nurse
    • she is growing a little more peach fuzz on her head
    • she likes to talk now and it’s adorable! her squeals are so cute!
    • she loves her dad a lot; their favorite thing to do is rock on the porch
    • she has been swimming a couple of times and seems to like it!
    • she is a little chunky girl and i love her luscious dolly thighs
    • she is starting to resemble poppy a bit more but has a rounder face like bastian did (and man do i love kissing those chubby cheeks)

    olive is truly a sweet girl and we are beyond excited to watch her grow and her little personality shine through.

    olive 2 months old

    our sweet olive girl is 2 months old! she didn’t like her shots but she still manages to be so sweet♥️

    • she weighs 10lbs 15oz
    • she sleeps great, with a bedtime around 8-8:30 and wakes once to nurse
    • she is smiling at us and it’s the cutest
    • she has the most adorable dimple when she smiles
    • she like bath time (although it probably doesn’t happen enough…)
    • she is so chill and goes with the flow of our crazy household
    • we sometimes forget she’s there!
    • she grabs at daddy’s beard
    • she doesn’t hate tummy time but she doesn’t give much effort to hold her head up haha (she’s chill)
    • i could kiss her about every minute
    • she loves to be worn
    • she sleeps in a bassinet now does it like a champ

    we love this little girl so much and she couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our family. thank you olive for being the best baby ever and helping me keep my sanity with three kids!

    olive – 1 month old

    our sweet olive girl is 1 month today. i can’t believe it’s already been a month… tear! but she has made our family feel complete. here are all the wonderful things about olive thus far:

    • she’s a great nurser! my best nurser yet!
    • she is very relaxed most of the time despite the chaos happening around her
    • she hasn’t smiled yet but when she does I am sure it will be for one of her siblings
    • the past two nights she has only woke up once to nurse. i am nursing her before I go to bed around 9:30 and then she wakes around 3-4am and then again when her big brother or sister come into our room
    • she has the biggest eyes and she’s so alert when she’s awake
    • she takes a pacifier like a champ!
    • she’s about outgrown all her newborn stuff
    • she’s a noisy little girl, lots of grunts and a loud nurser
    • she is loved by her brother and sister very much
    • she goes with the flow of the family

    we are so in love with olive. i want this time to go slowly but i know it won’t so i need to cherish every moment. remind me of this when she starts sleeping like crap 🤗

    week by week: 14 weeks

    well, here we are, at it again for one last go (right…? YES). yes, we are pregnant again! i am now 14 weeks, and somehow my 13 week post slipped away from me. i have a feeling that might happen more than once with this baby.

    brian and i had always wanted a third baby but we didn’t anticipate it coming so soon. we were a bit scared, shocked, surprised and ok i will admit it, freaked out. bastian and poppy are three years apart and that’s manageable, but a month shy of a two year age gap kind of freaks me out. i don’t know how moms have their kids 12-18 months apart… that gives me hives just thinking about it haha. the more this baby has set in the less freaked out i get. i mean you just have to roll with the punches!

    i found out about this pregnancy right before a lake trip brian and i were taking with our friends. MAJOR BUMMER! haha. i knew though that if i didn’t take a test, had a LOT of fun on the lake trip, and then found out i was pregnant a week or so later, i would be mad at myself. so like any selfless mother would do (haha really?) i took a test the night before we left. i really couldn’t tell if i saw a line or if my eyes were playing tricks on me. the next morning i made brian go and grab a digital test to be extra sure. we waited for what seemed like the longest two minutes ever. well, it said “PREGNANT” and we were both shocked. i was still breastfeeding poppy, and i had only had ONE period since poppy was born. well i guess it was meant to be and my body said, now or never lady. well, i spent our lake trip weekend sipping on crappy NA beers and eating lots of M&Ms.

    we recently told bastian about the new baby and he seems pretty excited. any time poppy sits on my he tells her she’s sitting on mommy’s baby. he again, thinks the baby’s name should be baby applesauce. so we will think about it 😉 poppy of course doesn’t have a clue and probably won’t until the baby is here. she loves her baby doll and stuffed animals, but i don’t anticipate that being the same love for a real crying, mom stealing, new brother or sister haha.

    i really hope to keep up on my blog through out this pregnancy like i did for my first two, mainly because i love to go back and read about what i felt like, looked like and how excited i was. so, basically this is my diary that you guys can read if you want!

    ps. below is a pic from 13 weeks. i took the pic but then never got around making post.

    miss poppy: 9 months


    this little peanut is 9 months old! she is just a little ball of energy and personality. here are some of the wonderful things poppy has been doing this past month.

    • she climbs the stairs and as one of my friends put it, it’s like a moth to a flame!
    • she doesn’t sit still for anything… hints the crazy pictures below hahah
    • she started hating bath time, she is frightened of it and it’s so cute 🙂
    • she is babbling a ton: mamama, dadada, bababa, and lots of talking in her crib in the morning
    • she is sleeping really great and usually wakes up once to nurse
    • she loves to eat. she eats three meals a day and is so good at feeding herself. she loves everything that we have given her… like i don’t think there is anything that she has refused haha!
    • she knows how to clap and is so proud of herself when she does it
    • she is cruising along furniture and again, thinks she is really big 🙂
    • she loves to play with bastian and he is the best entertainer
    • when she gets mad she clinches her fists together and her face turns red haha and her two bottom teeth stick out
    • she still only has two teeth! ha where are the other ones?!

    here are some outakes:

    oh poppy we love you so much. you are so much fun and so your own person. this first year of your life is going so fast and i don’t know what i am going to do when you turn one 😦 

      week by week: 26


      i am 26 weeks now and feeling rather large. this week i feel like things are harder to do, like tie my shoes or bend over. my belly is starting to feel in the way. i am sleeping great and still able to work out like normal which is great! i feel good overall, just starting to get into that big belly phase. i think it has come a little sooner than last time too 🙂

      little girl’s room is slowly coming together. i am waiting for some decor from ebay and etsy. hopefully it will all come together. i am feeling really anxious to meet her and for life to start as a family of four. although i am not looking forward to the lack of sleep, but i hear that the second time around even though it’s hard, your body is a little less shocked. let’s hope that holds true.

      i bought bastian some big brother books last week and he really enjoys reading them. i got him this book and this one. both are very cute. i am hoping these will slowly help him realize he won’t be the only kid in the house soon. fingers crossed things go well!


      week by week: 15


      well another week down. there were times this week where i would forget i was pregnant. i almost forgot i had a belly! so needless to say i feel pretty good! my belly is growing by the day and literally looks close to the same size as my 23 week belly with bastian than my 15 week belly… wha wha. i am guessing this slows down, or i am hoping it slows down a bit. my ob said that my body “knows what to do” so my uterus just ‘BLOOP’ pops out, just like a little pop up camper ready to bake a baby.

      i went to prenatal yoga for the first time last weekend and it was nice. the teacher read this poem at the end of class that made me cry. i felt like a dork until one of the other mamas said it made her cry… hormones or just pure love for that baby? i am guessing a lot of both 🙂 anyways, it was a good hour to myself to focus on the baby and be around other pregnant women who are just as scared and excited.


      with the new baby coming, we are in the process of moving bastian’s room to the guest bedroom which will be his “big boy room”. i am excited to get it all set up and decorated for him. he’s pretty excited too. he will soon be in a full sized bed, which hopefully won’t be too much of a pain considering he can climb out of his crib anyways. so bastian’s existing room will become the nursery for the new baby. depending on the sex of the baby, it may get a bigger face lift or it may stay pretty similar. i am excited to share some pictures of basitan’s new room once we get it done!

      anyways, on wednesday we have our 16 week appointment and i am excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and be one appointment closer to knowing whether baby is a boy or a girl!