miss poppy: 10 months


little miss poppy is now double digits! i say this every month, but time is really going so fast. poppy is just such a little force in our household. it’s pretty impossible to take her picture these days, and she didn’t want to smile for me today 🙂 here are the wonderful things poppy has been doing:

  • she finally likes baths again! she is roaming the tub which she loves and likes to splash and stand up
  • she loves to dance and loves music. she wiggles when music comes on and looks at us to make sure we are watching
  • she has been sleeping through the night which is nice
  • she is so close to walking. she stands and balances for long periods of time and has taken small steps but she is still a little unsure
  • she loves to walk behind our toy grocery cart and prefers to walk behind the walker instead of walking in the walker
  • she babbles a lot and talks like she is carrying on a conversation but doesn’t really call either of us (mama/dada) by name yet
  • she still thinks bastian is pretty great even though they have the quarrels. i think once she is big enough to fight back… bastian will have another thing coming
  • she is pretty serious and doesn’t give many people smiles but she can also be so goofy! when she is at home she really hams it up
  • she still loves to eat but has started to get more picky, which still is still more food than her brother will eat

poppy is so much fun to be around and a really good little baby. sleeps, eats, naps and plays well which makes me happy! she is the dearest little girl and i couldn’t imagine not having her in our family. two months and we will be celebrating her first birthday… tear 😦

poppy’s bow: Third Peach Co | shoes: Belle and the Bear


miss poppy: 9 months


this little peanut is 9 months old! she is just a little ball of energy and personality. here are some of the wonderful things poppy has been doing this past month.

  • she climbs the stairs and as one of my friends put it, it’s like a moth to a flame!
  • she doesn’t sit still for anything… hints the crazy pictures below hahah
  • she started hating bath time, she is frightened of it and it’s so cute 🙂
  • she is babbling a ton: mamama, dadada, bababa, and lots of talking in her crib in the morning
  • she is sleeping really great and usually wakes up once to nurse
  • she loves to eat. she eats three meals a day and is so good at feeding herself. she loves everything that we have given her… like i don’t think there is anything that she has refused haha!
  • she knows how to clap and is so proud of herself when she does it
  • she is cruising along furniture and again, thinks she is really big 🙂
  • she loves to play with bastian and he is the best entertainer
  • when she gets mad she clinches her fists together and her face turns red haha and her two bottom teeth stick out
  • she still only has two teeth! ha where are the other ones?!

here are some outakes:

oh poppy we love you so much. you are so much fun and so your own person. this first year of your life is going so fast and i don’t know what i am going to do when you turn one 😦 

    miss poppy: 8 months


    our dear little poppy is 8 months old. i can’t believe how fast she changes. here are some of the awesome things poppy is doing:

    • she is a little crawler! she started crawling a couple weeks ago and is now pulling herself up onto the stairs… lovely 🙂
    • she loves to look at books; she talks to them and squeals with excitement
    • she now refuses baby food, she only will eat little chunks of food
    • she likes to feed herself too!
    • some foods she has tried include: chicken, steak, salmon, ground beef, carrots, potatoes, pears, beans, bananas, avocado
    • she makes these little squawking noises like she is talking to herself and she also moves her mouth without making any noises like she thinks she is talking, it’s adorable
    • she is sleeping pretty good still. she wakes up once a night to eat, although the past week it was 2 times… teeth?
    • she has two little bottom teeth and they are sharp 😉
    • she likes to walk around holding onto our hands. she thinks she is so big and gets the cutest little smile across her face while she is walking
    • she had a great christmas and loved getting into bastian’s new toys. he does not love it that much though haha
    • she is such a happy girl
    • she does get mad when we take something away from her. it’s really cute; she clinches her fists and grits her teeth and makes a little growl noise in rage haha.

    oh poppy, you bring such joy to our family. its so amazing to see your personality evolve. you are such a special little girl and you fill my heart to the top. i can’t bare to be away from you and look forward to see that adorable smiling face in the morning.

    miss poppy: 7 months


    my sweet miss poppy is 7 months old (a week late :|) she is just about perfect in my eyes. i mean this girl really has me in her palm, i can’t get enough of her. here are the awesome things poppy has been doing the past month:

    • she got her first tooth! and then another one came right after! wow… two teet, tear
    • she is on the move! she isn’t doing a traditional crawl yet, but she almost army crawls. i sweat in this first year, your baby can change in a matter of days, tear
    • she is a little talker. she is saying “yayaya” and “dadada” (whaaa? not fair) and all sorts of squeaks and squeals
    • she kind of dances in her little bouncer. she waves her head back and forth and stomps her little feet and it’s of course adorable
    • she loves her brother. even though the picture below doesn’t say that haha, she thinks he’s the best
    • she really likes to play with toys, putting toys into things and taking them out. she tries really hard to get the stacking stars back on the ring
    • she sleeps like a good girl now! yay! it’s kind of hit and miss if she sleeps completely through the night but otherwise she wakes just once to nurse
    • she is starting to get mad when people take toys or things away from her. i know there will be some big fights once she is mobile and can take bastian’s toys
    • she is eating solid foods and is now finally starting to like them. it took quite a bit longer for poppy to get into solids than it did for bastian. she likes sweet potatoes, avocados and is completely obsessed with this sauerkraut that my sister makes… funny huh?!

    brian and i just can’t handle how much we adore poppy. we could watch her do cute baby things all day long. i find myself being so sad about her growing older. when parents say they wish they could freeze time, i 100% feel it with poppy. she is growing up too fast, and i will blink and she will be one. seriously, i am so sad about it! haha.


    miss poppy: 6 months


    our little poppy girl is half a year old (tear) and i don’t even know how that is possible. i feel like she was a tiny itty bitty baby just weeks ago. here are the wonderful things she has been doing the past month:

    • she was 15lbs at her 6 month check-up, 30% for weight and 37% for height
    • she still drools like a waterfall, her cute outfits last an hour
    • she has started to say “mmmm-aaaahhh-mmm” although i don’t think she is saying mama, i still like it 🙂
    • she can sit up on her own, she will take a tumble right on her face though if she’s not focusing
    • she has tried solids for the first time a couple days ago and she seems to be into it. she wasn’t too crazy about beets, but she does like sweet potatoes. she still spits it out but she’s getting the hang of it!
    • she loves to put things in her mouth and has started to go for her brother’s toys
    • she can roll around and is close to pushing herself up onto her hands and knees
    • she has had some bad nights of sleep, but then some good nights also. she is swaddled with one arm in and one arm out. i will work that second arm out here soon… ugh i hate that transition
    • she loves her brother so much and thinks he’s the funniest one in the house

    poppy is just the best addition to our family. i look down at both of my kids playing together and wonder how i got so lucky.

    miss poppy: 5 months


    this little doll baby is 5 months old! i can’t believe she is almost half a year… where has the time gone? she is just a little ball of light in our house and we can’t get enough of her bright smile and infectious laugh. here are some of the things miss poppy is doing this month:

    • she is sleeping in her crib ( 😦 ) she has done pretty well, but has her bad nights also.
    • she rolls around and tries to use her legs to help her get to toys
    • she reaches for things that we are holding
    • she gets startled by things and makes the funniest noise of fright
    • she thinks bastian is the funniest guy ever. he generally isn’t even doing anything, she just laughs when she sees him
    • she loves to stand, i think she is really proud of how big she seems when she’s standing
    • she likes to hold toys and wave them back and forth in front of her, it’s really cute
    • everything goes in her mouth, and everything comes out of that mouth including: drool (lots and lots of drool), spit up and more drool

    poppy is very sweet and we just love her to pieces. i feel like her babyhood is just slipping away so quickly. it makes me sad, but also excited to see the little girl she will grow into.

    ps. little girl is wearing a third peach co bow in her hair, isn’t it adorable 🙂

    miss poppy: 4 months


    miss poppy is 4 months old (last week)! she is so precious and is doing so many cute little baby things i just can’t get enough of her!

    • she rolls over both ways and rolled half way across the rug when i was in the other room, so i really can’t leave her unattended for too long haha
    • she is holding her feet and trying to eat them
    • she loves to hold toys and try to put them to her mouth, her favorite right now is sofie and this little cloth star that makes crinkle noises
    • she sits in the bumbo chair and seems to like it
    • she is a drooling machine… extreme shirt soaker
    • she loves to talk and is now making bubble noises with her drool
    • she loves bastian and thinks he’s so so funny
    • she is a smiley girl and squeals in happiness a lot
    • she is starting to notice the animals in her life (our cats and grandma’s dog)
    • she still loves to go outside and rock or just look up at the trees
    • she is so sweet in the morning when she wakes up, she stretches so big when i get her out of her swaddle and she just smiles and talks to us

    everything this girl does makes me love her more and more. she just brightens up my day the moment i see her. i just want to kiss her a million times a day. her drool doesn’t even bother me haha. can we talk about how silly that there was ever a controversy over that mom kissing her child on the lips… because i can’t get enough of my kids sweet lips! her babyhood going by so fast and it makes me so sad, but i can’t wait to see what kind of girl she becomes.

    poppy’s newborn photos

    i can’t believe i haven’t got around to posting these photos yet! my very talented sister of taura horn photography took poppy’s newborn photos when she was only four days old (wipe tear). i love them all and we are truly running out of wall space in my house… like, i am not even kidding about that 🙂 thank you taura for capturing my sweet little girlie so perfectly.


    miss poppy: 3 months


    this little nugget is three months old! she is such a happy girl and i seriously can’t get enough of her. it kind of makes my heart want to burst when i think about her. here are some of the lovely things about poppy right now:

    -she likes to talk now and makes the cutest little squeaks
    -she will smile at anyone and gives a little squeal to say hello
    -she will nap in her crib but still sleeps in her rock n’play at night
    -she is waking up once a night to eat and then right back to bed
    -she doesn’t have a schedule like bastian did because she is more on the go
    -she loves bath time and i had to move her baby bath tub from the counter to the big tub because she was splashing all over
    -she took her first road trip to Minnesota and she did wonderfully in the car
    -she doesn’t mind tummy time if she gets to be propped up on the boppy pillow
    -she likes to stand up and look around and prefers to face out when held

    poppy has proven to be a little doll baby. i can’t stop kissing her and trying to make her smile. i wish time would slow down, because before i know it she will be too big to sleep in my arms. ugh, i don’t even want to think about it 😦

    miss poppy: 2 months


    our little miss poppy is two months old today. she is still sweet as ever and we are starting to slowly see her personality come out. here are some of the few things we love about her:

    -she smiles, and will smile for people other than just mom and dad!
    -she has started to coo, and it’s so adorable
    -she is a good sleeper and would only wake up once a night if it weren’t for her neurotic mom that wakes her twice a night to make sure she is getting plenty of milk
    -she loves pat-a-cake and smiles really big every time we play
    -she likes to be outside and looking up at the trees
    -she also loves the warm weather (not too warm) and laying on beach towels
    -she likes her baths
    -she loves her pacifier and is much better about keeping it in her mouth than bastian
    -again, her smiles… adorable
    -we have her doc appointment next week so we don’t know how big she is, but my guess is around 10lbs.
    -she likes her swing and likes to look at the mobile above her

    poppy is so sweet, have i called her sweet yet? haha, seriously i can’t get enough of her. bastian is doing great these days adjusting to being a big brother. he still wants to be the “baby” every so often, which i do let him indulge in every so often. we just love the addition of poppy to our family. time is just going too fast!