olive 2 months old

our sweet olive girl is 2 months old! she didn’t like her shots but she still manages to be so sweet♥️

  • she weighs 10lbs 15oz
  • she sleeps great, with a bedtime around 8-8:30 and wakes once to nurse
  • she is smiling at us and it’s the cutest
  • she has the most adorable dimple when she smiles
  • she like bath time (although it probably doesn’t happen enough…)
  • she is so chill and goes with the flow of our crazy household
  • we sometimes forget she’s there!
  • she grabs at daddy’s beard
  • she doesn’t hate tummy time but she doesn’t give much effort to hold her head up haha (she’s chill)
  • i could kiss her about every minute
  • she loves to be worn
  • she sleeps in a bassinet now does it like a champ

we love this little girl so much and she couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our family. thank you olive for being the best baby ever and helping me keep my sanity with three kids!


olive – 1 month old

our sweet olive girl is 1 month today. i can’t believe it’s already been a month… tear! but she has made our family feel complete. here are all the wonderful things about olive thus far:

  • she’s a great nurser! my best nurser yet!
  • she is very relaxed most of the time despite the chaos happening around her
  • she hasn’t smiled yet but when she does I am sure it will be for one of her siblings
  • the past two nights she has only woke up once to nurse. i am nursing her before I go to bed around 9:30 and then she wakes around 3-4am and then again when her big brother or sister come into our room
  • she has the biggest eyes and she’s so alert when she’s awake
  • she takes a pacifier like a champ!
  • she’s about outgrown all her newborn stuff
  • she’s a noisy little girl, lots of grunts and a loud nurser
  • she is loved by her brother and sister very much
  • she goes with the flow of the family

we are so in love with olive. i want this time to go slowly but i know it won’t so i need to cherish every moment. remind me of this when she starts sleeping like crap 🤗

olive’s birth story

monday, march 19th 2018 at 3:01pm we welcomed our sweet baby GIRL olive marie. let me tell you, she is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t love her any more. ahhh, i just want to kiss and snuggle her all-day-long! here is olive’s birth story.

the night of the 18th, i went to bed super anxious. i had a hard time going to bed, just thinking that labor might come in the middle of the night and wondering if i was mentally and physically ready for it. i was going to be 40 weeks on monday and it all felt like a big ticking clock in my mind. i woke up around 2:30am to brian heading to the bathroom because he unfortunately he fell ill with a stomach bug. it had made it’s way through our house over the week and ended with brian. i remember thinking, well at least i am not in labor, it’s probably my body waiting until everyone is healthy. well haha, i was wrong. as i tried to go back to bed, i felt the contractions coming on. i decided to start timing them and they were consistently about 10 min apart. around 6 am i decided to get up and start packing my toiletries and call the hospital to let them know i was in labor. the nurse on call told me to wait until the contractions were 5 min apart and then come. after poppy’s birth, it was so fast and furious that i was told by my doc to just get to the hospital and don’t dilly-dally around.

i decided to lay back down and just wait for the kids to wake up. around 7:30 both kids got up and we headed downstairs for breakfast. once i was walking around the contractions started to pick up and were around 5-6 mins apart. i told brian to call his mom and have her head our way. we got bastian ready for preschool and packed all the kids clothes to stay with grandma. things weren’t very intense but the contractions were consistent. when my mother-in-law got to our house we got our stuff in the car and made our way to the hospital. once i was in the car, contractions completely stopped! i didn’t understand this and i was starting to feel pretty nervous they were going to send me home.

we got to the hospital around 9am. we went to the labor and delivery floor and actually checked-in. this was all new to me… the the other kids, i was really deep into labor that i was just ushered into a room. i felt embarrassed for some reason. haha the lady at the front desk asked if i was in labor… maybe that’s why haha. anyways, they didn’t even send me to a l&d room, they put me in what they call a “day-room” basically to monitor me and see if they really did need to send me home. i was soooo mad that labor had stopped. they hooked me up to the monitor and checked me. i was at 3cm and really wasn’t having any contractions. my doctor came in and told me to walk around for about an hour to see if things started to pick up. they assured me they wouldn’t send me home 🙂 and that they would get a room ready for me. she said that she could always break my water to get things moving quicker.

i walked and walked and lunged and high-kneed and squatted up and down those damn halls. i was so mad and i knew that i needed to just calm myself down. i read that sometimes labor can stall or stop if the mom doesn’t feel ready or feels uncomfortable (mentally), which is what i believe happened. i think i jumped the gun on getting to the hospital. (side note: i wasn’t using my doula this time around. she retired as a doula, so i thought with number three i would be able to handle it myself. i believe if she was there, she would have advised to stay home a bit longer.) anyways, after an hour of trying to calm down and walk this baby out, i got checked into a labor and delivery room.

i laid down and turned the lights off and just tried to calm down and let the contractions come back. they did come back but they were mild and maybe 8 min apart. around 1pm my doctor came back in the room to check me and let me know some options i had. i was at 4cm and she suggested we break my water. i knew that once that water broke, things would get really intense really fast, but i was so egger to get this show on the road that i said yes. she broke my water around 1:15pm and things got real, real quick. i told brian to start filling up the tub. i knew things were going to be intense. i had to be hooked up to the monitor for 30mins after they broke my water before getting into the tub. once that 30min was up i was so ready for some relief.

i was in the tub for maybe 30-45 mins and the nurse said once i started to feel pushy to get out of the tub. i really didn’t want to jump the gun AGAIN but i did start to feel pushy. i kept saying, well maybe not… and they were like, well let’s just get out of the tub and check. i hate moving positions when in labor. every move brings on a contraction and you can’t really brace yourself for them. i got into the bed around 2:30 and my doctor checked me and i was 7cm. they asked if i wanted to get back into the tub and i knew, oh hell no! there was no way i was moving again OR that i would have any time to get back in that tub. i started to feel really really pushy. the nurses and my doctor told me to try to breathe through those pushes… always waaay easier said than actually done. at 3pm my doctor checked me again and i was at 10cm. i pushed like a mad woman and one minute later little olive marie was born at 3:01pm.

having a baby is literally the hardest thing i have ever done (3 times now!), but there is nothing more satisfying than that final push and holding that baby in your arms for the first time. i got to hold olive for over an hour before the nurses took her to get weighed and measured. i could have stayed there for days staring at her. she is so perfect and the sweetest baby. olive weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20ins long. she is a total mix of bastian and poppy. olive’s birth was so different than my other two kiddos and i wouldn’t change it for the world. everyone is soo in love with her and she is fitting into our family so well.


week by week: 38-39 weeks

well, i write this when i am no longer pregnant… but i wanted to share the pics because well, they were the last weeks of having our sweet baby on the inside. i am working on writing the baby’s birth story that hopefully will be done today!

week by week: 31-36

well once again, it’s been a while since i have posted and i am over 37 weeks now. it can’t believe time is moving so fast. i remember with both of my other pregnancies, the last 10 weeks felt like it took forever… but this one not so much! haha, i feel was less prepared but also way less stressed about being “prepared”. i feel like it’s flying by and i haven’t even mentally prepared myself for labor. i am really excited to meet this baby and find out whether it’s a boy or girl!

i am trying to spend these last weeks just enjoying life as a family of 4, but i must admit, i probably am not doing good job. i find myself stressed with just two kids… yikes. my 22 month old really gives me a run for my money. mostly because she is so active and well, i am so big. she decided that climbing out of her crib was what she wanted to surprise me with this past week. thank god she still naps and sleeps all night without getting out. also she can’t open her bedroom door yet either so that helps! the other morning i woke up and found she had got out of her crib, turned on the light and was sitting reading books on her floor. haha it was cute but the pop-up books took a little hit. bastian is pretty much the one who taught her how to get out of her crib… thanks for that one bud 🙂 i hear him wake up in the morning, sprint to his door, and first thing he does is go in poppy’s room and get her up. i really wonder what the dynamic will be between them when they start sharing a room.

anyways, we are just aching for warmer, sunnier weather here and then of course a new baby! spring babies are nice because when you can barley make it out of the house by 10, you can just go for a walk and get a little sunshine and feel ok with letting your kids watch waaaay too much tv the rest of the day. i hate that mom guilt of the tv… whyyyy!!!! any pointers to keep your kids occupied while you nurse a new born all.day.long would be greatly appreciated!


week by week: 27-30 weeks

i am here sitting at the doctors office for my three hour glucose test, trying not to barf all over my computer. i ended up failing my one hour glucose test and i am assuming i will fail my three hour test as well. it doesn’t bum me out too bad because it’s almost over and well, i know i can survive!

i have been so bad with taking my pictures this month, thus only having a 30 week photo. the holidays kind of shook up our schedule but we are finally feeling back on track. i have started working on the nursery (with poppy still sleeping in there) and getting the big kids room together. santa brought bastian bunk beds for christmas and he is really liking it! he has since moved to sleeping on the bottom bunk because he is scared but i am hoping i can get him up there by the time poppy moves in. i am putting a little kids table and chairs in their room to make it more of a play area for them. i will share photos once it’s all done.

i was kind of sad taking down all of poppy’s nursery stuff and moving some of her decor into her big girl room 😦 i know she is still little but with a new baby on the way she is kind of forced to become a big girl. poppy really thinks she’s a big girl already. she has decided that she needs to sit at the table right next to bastian and is over her high chair. she is talking a lot more lately too and it’s adorable. i am just praying she is a good big sister and doesn’t want to destroy the new baby haha.

i have been feeling pretty good and sleeping well. my low back and pelvis are a little sore which makes me have to be a little more careful. i am still at a loss as far as the sex of this baby. that being said, names are really driving me crazy. i keep adding to the list and then going back and forth on what names i like! i am hoping the closer the date comes the more decisive i will become.

week by week: 23-26 weeks

well here i am at the tail end of my 26th week. i can’t believe i am going to be starting my THIRD trimester here in a couple days. how is that possible? i feel like this just started… but then again that last trimester always goes the slowest. i realized in my last post that i didn’t say one thing about this new baby. poor baby 😦 with two kids at home, work and my side business i find it hard to focus on this baby and this pregnancy. don’t get me wrong, i focus a lot on their rooms, logistics of routines, things we need, etc. but the actual baby… hasn’t been dreamed up like my last two (baby if you read this someday, i promise i love you just as much :)). maybe it’s because i don’t know the gender? maybe it’s because i am just so busy? maybe i need to go to prenatal yoga and spend at least an hour a week focusing solely on this little bundle. so here, i will focus this post on THIS pregnancy and THIS baby!

this little one has been moving around a lot lately. i have felt it’s little kicks since about 17 weeks. i can see the kicks now from the outside which i love. those baby kicks are something so special and i sweat this baby knows when to calm my nerves. i will be driving in the car and all of a sudden think “i haven’t felt the baby kick today… have i?” and then i will kind of hold silent and then the baby gives me a little kick, as if to say “mom, i am here, don’t you worry”. i do day dream about snuggling and sleeping with this baby a lot. although i am sure that naps during the day won’t as much i still do long for those newborn snuggles.

i have their coming home outfit all ready (not packed). if it’s a boy, i have the cutest little bonnet from a local maker that i love wee vintage baby, and then of course if it’s a girl, she will be wearing a third peach co bow. we are trying to figure out when to transition poppy into bastian’s room. honestly, i am not in any hurry and i don’t want to feel rushed into trying to push her in there. she is way to immature right now to be in a bed, but maybe as the months go by she will show me differently. basitan was about 2.5 years when i put him in a big kid bed. so maybe poppy will be ready by the time i want to transition the baby into their crib. we will see…

i have my glucose test next week. since i had gestational diabetes with poppy i have a 60% chance of having it again with this baby. i am not really going to beat myself up over it or freak out about it. i was able to manage it just fine with poppy and so i know i can with this one as well. the toughest part will be to be on a schedule with eating when i have both kids. my guess is next time i post about this pregnancy i will know whether i have it or not.

overall this pregnancy has been pretty easy and has gone so fast. i have the normal aches and pains that all pregnant women have. i sleep just fine, workout still and overall feel pretty good!

week by week: 19-22 weeks

well there went nearly a month with no posts! we have had our 20 week ultrasound and we stayed true to our plan and didn’t find out the sex. the ultrasound tech didn’t even write it down in our file because my fear is that my doctor would accidentally blurt it out haha. it’s actually pretty fun not knowing the sex; i feel like there is less pressure to have everything figured out… or maybe that is because it’s my third child and we have been down this road before.

i do get nervous though (despite it being my third go-around) because poppy seems to become more and more crazy every day. lots of tantrums, crying, screaming, and wanting to get into everything that bastian is playing with. i know once this baby comes, things will be pretty chaotic in our house. i guess you get more and more relaxed with each consecutive kid you have, caring less about messes, naps, clean faces, cute clothes, etc.  i am preparing myself for someone to always be crying at our house and probably hearing “mom, mom” 100,000,000 times in a day.

with all the challenges that will come with three kids, i know it will be overshadowed with so many positives. one, i will feel like our family is complete and two, i get to snuggle with a new baby. through all the chaos will be loving memories of siblings growing up together.

lastly, i want to know everyone’s must have new baby gadget. it’s only been 18 months since poppy was born but things i feel keep getting cooler and cooler! like best new diaper bag, sleep sack, stroller, bottle, etc. i have my eye on a dock-a-tot… those things look amazing. let me know what you love!

week by week: 16-18 weeks

well i am a day away from being 19 weeks pregnant but i took the photos so i am going to make a post! the past few weeks have flown by and i honestly can’t tell you much of what has happened. we are getting ready for halloween around our house. bastian wants to be r2d2 and i decided to make poppy a unicorn. halloween is one of my favorite holidays but it feels like i am a bit unprepared this year. i don’t think i will dress up this year which is a total bummer! well… i suppose i have a week and half left to figure something out or wear an old costume. anyways, onto  new baby news…

we have decided that we are going to make the gender of this baby a surprise. i know, i think it’s a little crazy myself, and it does make planning a bit more of a challenge (what do i really need to plan for this time around?) but both brian and i would be happy with either sex. i know all parents say they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl but deep down they really do haha. BUT i do have one of each and so with this baby i see positives in having both a boy and a girl. if it’s a girl, poppy and her will be close in age and hopefully be friends and if it’s a boy, bastian would love to have a baby brother and then poppy will maybe suffer a little less of middle child syndrome because she is the family’s only girl. who knows! needless to say in the delivery room, i will be excited for both!

the hard parts, narrowing down names, planning a nursery, figuring out what hospital outfit to bring (why am i thinking about this already?) and preparing the kids for having a baby brother or sister. we have our 20 week scan in a week and a half and i am about 99.5% sure we will wait to find out the sex. how many of you out there have waited? how many of you were totally shocked?

week by week: 15 weeks

so here we are, i am actually almost 16 weeks, but better late than never! i feel like i am so much bigger so much faster this time around. i bet if i compare photos, this is what i looked like around 20 weeks. i have a good amount of energy now and don’t feel nauseous much. i have been working out like normal but i have had to hold back more than i did at 15 weeks last time.

so we have been thinking logistics at our household. i feel like a lot of things change going from 2 to 3 kids, at least in our house. we only have three bedrooms upstairs so we will have to have bastian and poppy share a room. bastian is actually excited about this because i told him he can get bunk beds, and of course he gets the top! my biggest dilemma is when to move poppy into a big girl bed. she will be a month shy of two and most likely not very mature hahaha. so this new baby may be in our room for awhile… we will see! i am actually excited to design a new nursery and big kid shared room. i have some plans that i will share throughout.