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week by week: 21 weeks


well, as expected, i am late on posts again. it is a little harder this time around with a toddler taking up most of my free time. anyways, i am 21 weeks and feeling great. last week we had an ultrasound and found out we were having a little girl!! i was sure it was a boy too. here is how it all started.

in the beginning of this pregnancy i felt like it was a girl. i was nauseous and it just felt a lot different than my pregnancy with bastian. then as the pregnancy went on and i started feeling better i thought, hmm, maybe it’s a boy. people started to convince me it was a boy too. at the ultrasound appointment, we didn’t want to find out the sex until later that night with our family. we got to see our little girl moving around like crazy. she reminded me of bastian so much that i kept calling her a “he” throughout the ultrasound. the tech told us to look away when she got to the goods and then put the results in an envelope. as we were leaving brian heard the ultrasound tech refer to the baby as a he. when we walked out he asked me “did you hear her say that?” i immediately said “don’t tell me!” so he kept quiet for the big surprise.

bastian and i took the results to a party store and had them fill a black balloon with pink or blue confetti depending on what the results were. my mom hosted a little party for our family and did such a great job decorating. i wasn’t sure i wanted to do a little party this time around, but i am glad we did because it was so much fun. we had people guess what they thought the baby was and it was split 50/50. brian put his guessed on girl… so i then really thought it was a boy and that he was just trying to trick me because of what he heard the ultrasound tech say early that day.

we had bastian pop the balloon and to all of our surprise it was a girl!


we are so excited about our little girl. she looks so perfect in her picture. i can’t wait to see her and meet this little princess. i have always wondered if the bond i would have with a girl would be the same as my sweet boy, but as more days go by imaging my little girl, the more and more my heart is bursting with love for her already.


of course i had to go out and get her some clothes to celebrate. so. much. fun! don’t get me wrong, i love shopping for bastian’s clothes and dressing him like a little dude, but now i get to go to a whole new section of the store to shop! and i love the color pink… so it’s just great.


week by week: 19

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