Monthly Archives: March 2016

week by week: 36


i am now in the home stretch, one month away from meeting baby van bloom. these past weeks have been good, i am sleeping great and still feeling pretty good! this week at the doctor we had to do fetal monitoring for 20 minutes due to the fact that i have gestational diabetes. it’s kind of fun because you get to hear her little heart beat for 20 minutes. it was cute, every time she made a big movement, her heart rate would go up a little bit. it was like getting a glimpse of what really is going on in my belly.


i am realizing that this baby will be here really soon and i wondering if i am ready. i have everything you need for a baby, but am i mentally ready to be in labor again? mentally ready to mother two children? with bastian, i did so much preparation with the labor process and so i felt really ready. this time around i haven’t, so i think i need to go back and read some of my books to get myself back in the game 🙂 all and all, i know i will survive both labor and the newborn phase haha, so that’s all that matters. i think i am most excited to see her sweet face and kiss her. the idea of having a daughter is so fun to me and i can’t wait to get to know her.

ps. i had to include this sweet photo of bastian with me in my weekly pictures. he is getting really excited for baby applesauce too!



week by week: 33


this week has been pretty good! i actually feel really great and not sore or achey at all. i have been able to keep up with my workout routine and that makes me feel pretty proud! i also have been doing really well with keeping my blood sugar down. it’s hard not to be able to just munch on something yummy whenever i want, but it hasn’t been too bad. i am starting to think about what i want to bring to the hospital with me and i really can’t think of much! so far i have a swaddle blanket and a couple bows… so yeah i am super prepared. the nursery is coming together and truly about done. i will share photos once i feel there is nothing really left to do with it. it’s constantly a mess because bastian goes in there and messes around with everything.


the weather has been so nice lately and bastian, brian and i have been spending tons of time outside. it gets me excited for little miss to come and be able to join us. when bastian was a newborn he loved to be outside. something with the fresh air and all the noises of nature (and construction that was going on) calmed him down immediately. let’s hope little miss likes being outside like her big brother because i have a feeling we will be outside all spring and summer with a busy busy toddler.

week by week: 32


well here i am now, 32 weeks, and although i did go through the trouble to take pictures at 29 weeks, i never did a write up. so i will catch you up on all my lovely pregnancy news that has happened in the last 4 weeks.

first off, i failed my first glucose test… annoying. i was pretty confident that i would pass my three hour test with flying colors. well, i didn’t. after a couple days of feeling really sorry for myself, i mean really sorry for myself, i finally just came to the conclusion that it was nothing i was doing or could have prevented. i really pride myself on being a healthy pregnant women, well actually i really try hard to be very healthy even when i am not pregnant! i think genetics got the best of me. anyways, after feeling sorry for myself ( 🙂 ) i signed up for the class and just took it this past tuesday. the class was informative and taking my blood sugar hasn’t gotten old yet. i literally have been doing the meal plan they gave me for years, but there were a few modifications that i had to take. my doc told me after about a week of low levels, she will let me start only testing 2 times a day vs. 4. every time i have tested my blood sugar, i have been way under the fasting number they want you to stay under; that meaning, the first test of the day they want my blood sugar to be under 95, all my numbers throughout the day have been in the 70s-80s. so i think it’s safe to say, this baby and i will be just fine.


on wednesday i had my 32 week appointment and of course, i am measuring big… lovely! i know i measured a little big with bastian and i never really thought much of it, but having gestational diabetes, it makes me more weary. nerves aside, we are excited to see this baby girl; it has been since 20 weeks! we are going to take bastian with us which i think will be really cool for him. i have never had an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy and i can’t wait to see her little face.