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life lately

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life has been pretty busy lately, hints the lack of posts. here is a photo dump of what we have been up to.


month by month: 6 months



bashie boy is 6 months today! half a year this kid has been in my life – it’s gone fast. here are some of the awesomely awesome baby things he has been up to the past month:

– he is a roller and rolls everywhere. he is wiggling around to get to his toys.
– he is loving talking again and makes the cutest noises all the time
– he is still sleeping not so great…but i am hoping that is because of teething…
– he got his first tooth!!!! so sharp and so cute
– i am pretty sure those other teeth are close too. he has been acting like he is in pain and needs to be held or entertained at all times (thank you baby carriers)
– we have tried solid foods! this was something we were sooo excited for and then really sad when he initially didn’t like it. he has since decided he likes avocado mixed with a little breast milk but not keen on sweet potatoes yet.
– my sister gave him a lemon slice and he actually liked it. although he made a disgusted look, he kept going back for more. it was adorable. we are going to have 1 million “eating food” videos.
– he now likes to go for car rides. he falls asleep which is great because getting him to take a nap in his crib these days is like pulling teeth
– he is so much fun to play with. he makes me laugh and to hear him laugh and giggle is just the sweetest
– he managed to pull his diaper half way off the other night…i am hoping that was just a fluke and it will never happen again…ever
– he really loves the cats now – the cats not so much him
– he loves spending time with his grandmas. he’s one lucky guy!

bastian brings so much joy to our whole family’s life. i can’t wait for more to come, but i kind of want time to slow down.

but fingers taste so good mom!


my good friend jacque and her son will have been saviors for bastian and i. she has been one of my go-to-gals when i have questions about bastian. she also assures me i am not crazy and that every mom goes through those things. we get together to talk, vent, go on walks and “play”. last friday we took a walk through her beautiful neighborhood and chatted all things mommy. it’s so cute because will who is almost 13 months, so badly wants to play with bastian. bastian doesn’t quite get the whole “friend” or “playing” thing yet ahah. will was so excited about bastian he wanted to eat his hand (he is going through the ‘i love you, i bite you, you like?’ phase) and when jacque told him no, he sure got sad. we had to snap some photos of these hunks. we couldn’t help but chuckle at poor little will’s crocodile tears from being told no. i can’t wait for these guys to grow up together and be buddies.

ps. brian and jacque grew up across the street from each other and her older brother and brian were best buds. so having our boys be so close in age and grow up together is so fun!

the best gift ever


for my birthday, bastian has given me the best gift ever, a birthday tooth! when i got home last night from work, i was informed that this pearly white beauty had emerged from his pink little gums. you can see it and feel it…and last week makes so much more sense now! i was surprisingly extremely excited about this, like really really excited. it’s hard to get a good look at it, but mr tooth is here. he has made his presence known for a while now so we are glad he finally showed up to the party! we are celebrating tonight with tacos and margaritas! this weekend brian is taking me to see the book of mormon playing at a local theatre. needless to say, it’s going to be a great start to the last year in my twenties. this little boy of ours is going to be 6 months next week and his little toothy is the best birthday gift a mom could ask for 🙂

a cali wedding

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last weekend brian and i went to laguna beach for one of my best friend katie’s wedding. the weather was beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous and the company was wonderful. it was so great to be able to get away and be with friends (although i did miss little mr back at home). they had her rehearsal dinner on a boat which was so much fun! we walked on the beach and drank on a roof top and had dinner on a boat…all so much fun. katie looked so beautiful and her groom was so handsome, i feel so special to have been included in their big day.

what happened to my baby?



brian and i just got back from our first trip away from bastian. one of my best girlfriends got married in laguna beach. the wedding was so beautiful and it was a great to be with friends (i will have some pics later this week). leaving bastian was hard and involved lots of planning…milk, milk, milk is all i have thought about for the past 10 weeks. well turns out i had way more than enough, but it is always better to have more than not enough. he got to spend time with both grandmas and grandpas while we were gone and we are so thankful to them for their help. when we saw him at the airport he gave brian and i a huge smile and it really melted our hearts.

he is upstairs taking a nap…that was beyond easy to get him down for…and has been a perfect angel since we have been home. i have no idea what those grandmas did to him, but i like it. knock-on-wood, but this little guy might be over the 4-6 month crazies. ok, i just made that term up, and no he wasn’t crazy, but more like we would get crazy sometimes, haha. if your child has gone through this stage you know what i am talking about. anyways, it feels soo good to be home with our little family. i can’t get enough kisses and squeezes to make up for the three days i was gone!

the many faces of bastian



this little boy has so many faces…and i think all of them are pretty darn cute. he is in his highchair, which we recently set up. we wanted him to sit “up” with us while we eat. he sure thinks he is cool sitting in there. we put a bunch of toys on his tray and before we can even sit down they are all on the floor. i have a feeling this is going to happen to food too. you can also see that little lizard tongue i was talking about in his 5 month post. he’s quite the ham.

on a side note, i hope no one was taken back by my post earlier this week. i know it was personal, and to some it may be something you don’t talk about. i have never been anything but sincere and honest on this blog. i don’t feel it necessary to share every personal experience i have, but i also want to be real. i know as a new mom, there is nothing better than knowing you aren’t the only one experiencing things. i just wanted to put that out there.

anyways, i hope everyone has a great weekend. i think we might set up some halloween decorations and i really have to get crackin’ on our halloween costumes! i think i have an good idea what to be, but with this being my favorite holiday…i have to make sure it’s perfect!