Monthly Archives: May 2018

olive 2 months old

our sweet olive girl is 2 months old! she didn’t like her shots but she still manages to be so sweet♥️

  • she weighs 10lbs 15oz
  • she sleeps great, with a bedtime around 8-8:30 and wakes once to nurse
  • she is smiling at us and it’s the cutest
  • she has the most adorable dimple when she smiles
  • she like bath time (although it probably doesn’t happen enough…)
  • she is so chill and goes with the flow of our crazy household
  • we sometimes forget she’s there!
  • she grabs at daddy’s beard
  • she doesn’t hate tummy time but she doesn’t give much effort to hold her head up haha (she’s chill)
  • i could kiss her about every minute
  • she loves to be worn
  • she sleeps in a bassinet now does it like a champ

we love this little girl so much and she couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our family. thank you olive for being the best baby ever and helping me keep my sanity with three kids!