Monthly Archives: February 2016

week by week: 28


well i am now officially into the third trimester and big as ever 🙂 i have still been feeling good and sleeping well. i have noticed a bit of heart burn at night which isn’t fun but it could be worse i guess. maybe that means she will have hair? bastian was born with some hair, not a ton but enough to come to the side 🙂 this little girl is equipped with a ton of  bows and headbands for her sweet little head, so hair or no hair her head will be sporting cuteness.

i have also felt really emotional lately. strong emotions about her, bastian, babies in general and just life. i know the pregnancy hormones are responsible for most of these emotions. brian and i caught the tail end of a documentary called ‘the secret life of babies’. it was so cool. what all those little humans go through in the first two years of their life. it made me realize too how fast those years go by. wow, i almost have a three year old; how did that happen so quick and yet why do i feel like he’s been in my life for so long? if you can check out the documentary, do it!


bastian watched an episode of daniel tiger meeting his new baby sister. it must have struck a cord with him because later that day, all he wanted to do was hug my belly and pat his baby sister. we went to a play gym and instead of playing with the bigger kids and running around like a wild child, he was obsessing over a cute little 10 month old girl. he kept trying to hold her hand and touch her nose (the little girl’s dad was so sweet and said this was ok :)). then when we were leaving he asked if he could take her home with us… haha it was pretty sweet. he has always been really interested in babies, and i am not naive enough to think that will always be interested in his little sister, but i have a good feeling that he will be so in love with her.